State of the Union

Yeah, we've been a bit light on updates lately, but rest assured that the reasons have been mostly technical. The Curse of Monkey Island videos have been successful - a bit too successful it seems, as we exceeded 16gb (that's gigabytes - the opening cutscene has had over 1,200 downloads) of daily transfers. We have now moved said videos over to a different server on LFN which also should make downloading them a bit faster.

As it is, we're waiting for FTP access to the other server so we can upload larger files that we have received over the past week. Among other things, you can look forward to a video by Goblin as soon as we're ready to go.

So stay tuned, we have more stuff coming up in the next few months. Remember, the SCUMM Bar doesn't just love you, we respect you too. ;-*

Also, if you're bored, make sure to check out Idle Thumbs, from the team that brought you Mojo.