It's a jungle out there

You know how in CMI, the menu had a joke about there being a 3D mode, and with the next game it turned out to actually be true? Well, in EMI they joked about there being a multiplayer option in the menu, and so, logically Monkey Island 5 will have a multiplayer side to it! Or something.

Taking this crude idea, I expertly carved out an unforgettable feast of words in the form of my latest article Monkey Island Online. Ever dreamt of being able to move away from the islands the game allows you to visit, and instead being able to sail the seven seas doing whatever you liked, in a massive online world full of mystery and adventure? If yes, then youll no doubt agree with what I had to say. If no, then read it anyway and post your opinion at the bottom! Just, er, remember to actually read what I wrote first.