The latest word on the street is that Ron Gilbert is to make a dramatic return to mainstream gaming! No real news as to what form his new game will take, but a publishing deal is already as good as made and no, it's unlikely to be an adventure game, so no Monkey Island 3b for you. More information on that, and more, can be found in this German transcript of an Austrian radio interview conducted recently and if you dont "do" German, then a very dodgy translation can be found here. A quote:
"From whom does the joke come around the chain saw gasoline?
Are not safe me. A quantity of people works together on a good play. As a designer I had never the feeling to have had all the good ideas. For Monkey Iceland a quantity on the shoulder one knocks to me, but Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman earn at least exactly the same much acknowledgment for it.
So there you have it Tim and Dave earn as much the same as Ron, or something. Well keep you updated as soon as we learn more.