Summer of Utility draws to a close

After an exhausting seven days of excitement, Benny's weekful of releases has finally come to an end - it has been an extremely exhilarating time for all. If you're joining us late, here's what you've missed so far:

Day 1: EMI Launcher 1.0
Day 2: EMI Background Viewer 1.1
Day 3: Resource File Creator/Dumper 1.1
Day 4: Grim Fandango Launcher 1.0
Day 5: Index File Reader 1.2
Day 6: CMI Launcher 2.0

And, adding to the above six, comes a brand new version of the highly acclaimed ScummVM Quick and Easy! Head over to the one and only Quick and Easy website to find out what's new, or simply go here to skip straight to the download stage. Enjoy, compliments of bgbennyboy!