Funky monkey

The lucky Alien426 went to the Games Convention 2004 Opening Concert (as previously reported here) and smuggled back a few bootleg recordings of the event, including a snippet from the Monkey Island soundtrack that was played. You can download the 1mb MP3 file of the snippet here. You can also read this article about the event, which contains the following information about the Monkey Island music:

"The sheer mention of the name "The Secret Of Monkey Island" alone generates [lots of] acclaim... Monkey Island's music itself sounds a little lopsided at first. The steel drums sound much more metallic than in other renditions. But at the latest during LeChuck's theme one wants it to go on forever.

Alien426 also has news that there wont be a CD produced from the concert, so well have to make do with the low quality excerpts for the time being.