News from all over

Things are a bit slow on the Monkey Island front these days. Strange seeing that it's only been, what? Four years since the last game was released? Anyway, here are some things that may or may not be worth checking out:

GameSpy has run a large Pirates! preview, a game which already has gotten our own Benzo drooling. The game will be released for the PC later this year, and the Xbox next year. If you like Monkey Island you might very well enjoy it.

Our friends over at LucasArts (you know the ones - most of you think they're dead) has opened discussion forums for their new games. Go discuss Star Wars and Mercenaries now. You know you want to!

Ronzo has updated his blog with yet another Grumpy Gamer Comic.

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Update #2 You can now sign up to beta test Pirates! here by entering the product code "AVAST".