The king is dead

I woke up this morning with an itchy nose, which can only mean one thing its time to change the SCUMM Bar poll. Read the new question on the left, and the answer better be yes or well skewer you like a swish kebab. Or whatever that insult was.

The last poll got a great turnout with 145 of you eager to show your opinion concerning how long LucasArts had left. The breakdown was as follows:

  • 36%, the majority, adamantly believed that LucasArts was in effect already a dead company;
  • 27%, lagging far behind, surprisingly said that LucasArts will go on existing forever;
  • 23% claimed that wed be seeing a for sale sign over LucasArts any day now, whilst
  • the last 14% predicted that LucasArts would wind down over the next few years.

    Well just have to wait and see who was right.