It's finally here!

Billions of blue blistering barnacles, its TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY 2004!

If ye dont already know about today then I ought to make ya walk the plank! But since 16% of ya landlubbers are pleadin ignorance, and the plank can only support one persona at a time, I suppose I better explain.

Every year, on September 19th, the worlds denizens gather around to imitate pirates. And thats it. Pick up fake words to use here, or real Pirate slang here!

Also dont forget, me hearties, that our competition to win a signed copy of the official Talk Like a Pirate Day book is still running, and will continue until the 22nd. That means you only have a few more days left to get in your entries! Even if you cant think of anything particularly clever or witty, still enter, as we may pick you as the winner anyway. Plus its just a great way to celebrate the day!


Update: My spies inform me that TLAPD got a mention on Radio 1 this morning.