More rumours abound

TellTale Games, a new games company formed largely from ex-LucasArts employees, are dropping hints on their first title. Why should we get excited about this? Well lets see...

  • Its going to be an adventure game
  • Its going to be based on an exciting licence" that we "already know and love"
  • Its being made by the talent that brought us Escape From Monkey Island, Grim Fandango and that tried to bring us Sam & Max 2.
  • Did we mention its going to be an adventure game?

    Furthermore, theres a chance this could be Monkey Island 5. With LucasArts becoming desperate, its likely that they could have sold the licence to someone who actually wants to make adventure games.

    Mixnmojo speculates remains refreshingly laid-back, preferring not to become too hysterical and jump to conclusions, but many Mojo readers hope that this could be Sam & Max 2... 2. However, since a segment of the team have only just got off that, it could be the case that theyre tired of working on that franchise and want to move to something else.

    It could also be Grim Fandango 2, but thats not too likely either, as a) they might not want to do it without Tim and b) they might not want to continue on the story as Grim Fandangos ending pretty much summed everything up. So by the powers of deduction Monkey Island 5 is a fairly safe bet. Fingers crossed.

    Well keep you posted on any further developments, but for now visit TellTales excellent web-site, and perhaps read this recent Q&A about the company.

    Update: Discuss all your theories here.