The plot thickens

There's a very interesting article over at the Marin Independent Journal web site, concerning Tell-tale Games and their new game licence.

If it's right, then we can rule out Sam & Max 2 being the game they're working on at the moment, though it's very likely that we'll see it in a few years time instead:

"Although the company is in negotiations for the license of another game, the trio said it is no secret that they want to develop the sequel to "Sam and Max" or something like it... LucasArts has a license for the game from the comic book's creator, Steve Purcell. That license expires in May, at which point Connors said he hopes to strike a deal with Purcell."

Something else that deserves your attention is this picture, showing Dan Connors, Kevin Bruner and Troy Molander standing behind "a computer displaying a character from one of their video games". I might be wrong, in which case Ill edit this bit out later and most of you will never know, but the caveman character might have something to do with their new licence.

Of course, its also possible and perhaps more likely that said figure is actually part of the "fun smaller games" that Telltale have also promised on their web site. So dont rule out Monkey Island 5 just yet.