I vant to suck your bloooood

Autumn Moon, an adventure games company formed by ex Monkey Island artist Bill Tiller, has at last secured itself a publisher. This is great news, as it means that well definitely be getting A Vampyre Story, which is shaping up to be an excellent adventure romp.

But wait, theres more! An interview with the Autumn Moon team has been conducted by Xequted, containing some very interesting insights and a couple of pictures (including one of Mr Tiller dressed as a Vampire). Theres even the odd mention of the Curse of Monkey Island...
"I brought a sketch book with me on a cruise I was taking in the Bahamas back in 1995. The trip was a vacation as well as a research trip for The Curse of Monkey Island. I took tons of pictures that ended up being the inspiration for a lot of the CMI art. While sketching I drew series of characters one of which was a female vampire. I sketched a bunch of other characters and began to think of a story that might go with those characters."
Read the whole interview here.