Tiller answers questions

In case you haven't been following The Inventory's birthday bash, they have been setting up online forum chats with a bunch of adventure developers, most of which people probably don't care about. That's not to say a few gems haven't popped in, and yesterday Bill Tiller started answering some questions about his new game, A Vampyre Story. Make sure to go check them out.

I wanted to make a playable demo to show Simon Jefferies at Lucas Arts. At the time I was trying to get a position at Lucas Arts as a project leader and I thought the best way to proven I was capable of making a game WAS to make a short game . But I was offered the Full Throttle 2 art director job and that sounded like fun so I did that instead, all the time keeping the idea for AVS on the back burner. But at that time AVS was just a couple of sketches doodles in my sketch book.

Telltale Games will be on later tonight, so make sure you pump them for information about their big new project right here.