GameSpot laughs at Monkey Island

GameSpot has launched A Brief History of Video Game Humor article, in which you can pretty much learn that few games outside of the classic LucasArts adventures are laugh-worthy.

It's actually quite a decent article and Monkey Island and Tim Schafer are mentioned repeatedly, so go read. Oh, here's a quote:

Tim Schafer cites Being John Malkovich as a humorous movie that developers could learn from, because it's so fearless: "So many times you're brainstorming for a game and you come up with the idea that makes you all laugh and laugh and then you get all serious and think, 'Yes, that was funny, but it's just too out-there for a game. Too bizarre.' And so you chicken out. But in Being John Malkovich, when they had an idea like that, they put it in!"