Monkey Island... tattoos?

Do you dress up as Guybrush? Starting up your own SCUMM Bar perhaps? Well, forget about it, you have not only been beaten, you've been crushed in the race for becoming the biggest Monkey Island fanboy!

Introducing Balzs Szakonyi, a 24 year old dude from Hungary who likes tattoos. And Monkey Island. Do you see where this is going?

I have a melodycore-punk band, and love tattoos. I also love Monkey Island, it is my favourite game ever (Though I never liked MI4). So I dedicated my right arm to Monkey Island. It's not ready yet, the lower arm part is still under construction, but I have the upper arm ready.

Well... I hate to break this to you, Balzs, but I think those tattoos are from Escape from Monkey Island. :~ Still! If anybody feels they can beat him in being a superbly dedicated Monkey Island fan, please drop us a line!