Let the bells ring out

Despite being a Grumpy Gamer about Christmas, Ron Gilbert (or "Ron Clausert" as I like to think of him) is nevertheless determined to spread the love. As a result, hes giving away 10 copies of Dave Grosssmans book "Ode to Stuff in the Sink" (and for those who dont know Grossman was one of the technical wizards behind the first two Monkey Island games). What do you have to do to deserve this seasonal something? Simple:

"[Contact me] with a one sentence reason why 2005 will be the best year for gaming yet. Please include your name and mailing address. You'll know you won when a book shows up in the mail. Oh, and when I say "everyone", I mean 10 people chosen at random. So sue me."

Now who said the season of giving and goodwill was dead? (Apart from Remi!)