Monkey Island movie art?

We semi-confirmed that a Monkey Island movie was in production and subsequently canceled a while back (the semi part being that LucasArts never confirmed it). We now may have found some art that may have been concept art for the project. Or it may not have been.

Check out Tony Stacchi's art. Apparently Tony worked at ILM together with Steve Purcell when the movie was in production (or pre-production as it probably was), and some of the Monkey Island art which was colored by Steve himself has been put up on Tony's site. The movie may also have been called The Curse of Monkey Island if Tony's resume is anything to go by.

Check out LeChuck and crew and drool. Or how about Skull Island? Stacchi's highly impressive portfolio with additional Monkey Island art can be viewed here.

Now speculate away on yet another world exclusive TSB scoop. ;

Update: Tony has confirmed that this was from the MI movie project:

The drawing was mine but the great painting job was done by Steve Purcell. He helped develop the project for awhile and his experience working on the games really helped.