Pre-order Psychonauts and go to heaven

As Mojo readers already know, the super-sexy game known as Psychonauts is now available for pre-order. This, obviously, is a Very Good Thing, and you should go get it right now. Why? As Mr. Schafer puts it:

Because the more pre-orders they get, the more advertising we'll get, and the more advertising we get, the more people will hear of the game and buy it and love it, and easier it will be for EXCELLENT GAMES TO ROLL OVER THE BAD GAMES LIKE A STEAMROLLER THIS YEAR AND EVERY YEAR FROM NOW ON! Be a part of the crushing force of good as it defeats evil forever!

So seriously! Pre-order it now! Ron doesn't really need that car after all!

Update: PC and PS2 pre-orders have been added to the links over there ===>