CMI DS Rumours

Update: Just a hoax, move on.

Someone called 'Flamming' on the Gamespot forums has raised hopes of Nintendo DS ports of the first three Monkey Island games. Citing Nintendo Gamecube Magazine UK as his source, he also provides 'screenshots' of an experimental port of CMI.

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Though we'd very much like this rumour to be true, the reality is that this is almost certainly a hoax. Eagle-eyed readers will already have noticed that the inventory chest in this screenshot differs from that in the pc version. This could very easily have been edited and doesnt offer much in the way of proof.

Tom Sarris is quoted as the Lucasarts spokesman, however as any LEC-watcher knows, Sarris left the company some time ago, before the Nintendo DS was even announced. Moreover, the quotes attributed to Sarris use terrible grammar - there's no way that language like that woud end up in a magazine.

Finally and most dammingly, when journalists from Computer and Video Games talked to the NGC editor Tom East, and asked him if he was planning to run an article about Monkey Island DS he replied "Not that I'm aware of".

In summation, its all a dirty hoax. Probably.