Give the dog a bone

Good news, everyone! Telltale have announced their first adventure game. Its Sam & Max 2 Bone! Thats right, the answer to all those fiendish "much-loved franchise" riddles and the infamous silhouette image is not, in fact, Guybrush Threepwood on drugs, but instead some kind of whacky comic featuring the Bone cousins: Fone Phoney and Smiley. You with me so far?

Details on the game are as yet scarce, but fans will be pleased to know that there is this cropped screenshot from which we can all base wild assumptions on. Anything else can be inferred from the Telltale product page or the official web-site of the comic book.

It aint Monkey Island 5, but it does look like an interesting foundation for an adventure game, and will most likely produce something that is more original than just another sequel anyway, which is of course what we all actually want. Who said adventure games were dead?