In the Zone

April's edition of top UK Gaming Magazine PC Zone has an article in it about the 50 greatest PC Gaming moments ever. The Secret of Monkey Island got numero uno, leaving Half-life 1 and 2 to second place and Deus Ex to third. Take that!

You can read a scan of the article in our media section here, or by picking up a copy of the magazine from any decent British newsagents. Other mentions of LucasArts games include Tie Fighter (#4 being recruited into the Imperial Elite), Sam & Max (#16 all of it) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (#25 - the leap of faith puzzle at the end), Dark Forces (#27 the introduction of the Dark Troopers), and the sequel Jedi Knight (#34 escaping from a crashing spacecraft).

Great stuff.

Update: For any Zone readers who just came here to experience Insult Swordfighting then the link to the web-game is here. Enjoy!