Another one!

Two Monkey Island games announced in one day!? We must be dreaming! LucasArts, in a move that has shocked everyone and caused one fan to implode, have announced Escape from Monkey Island 3, the sequel to last year's cancelled FPS based on the Quake engine. "We know it's not very normal for a company to announce two games in the series on the same day, or, for that matter, to announce a sequel to a game that may or may not have been last year's April Fools joke", grinned LEC head honcho Jim Ward. "But then again LucasArts isn't a very normal company. We're beyond normal! Look at us, we're challenging the status-quo! We're beyond making all that good game crap, man. This is the FUTURE".

Mr Ward then proceeded to mumble a long list of obscure references, though he hinted that we may soon see prequel games for the Star Wars prequels, as well as a new game titled "What Manny did", which involves the Grim Fandango star as he simultaneously explains all the mysteries hinted at in the original game, and tries to cover-up some new mysteries that he'd rather we didn't know about.

Details are scarce regarding the new Escape from Monkey Island sequel, but early reports indicate that players will be able to go head to head in multiplayer frenzies, using an arsenal of weapons including Elaine's amputated foot, a miniature replica of the Orient Express and Ron Gilbert's underwear.

Update: we can now confirm that the game will be using the Simon the Sorcerer 3D engine, as shown in this EXCLUSIVE screenshot! What a scoop!

View screenshot.