Alas, poor Remi. I hardly knew ye.

Sad news today, folks! The man you knew as Remi A Olsen (the "A" is for "amazing") passed into another plane of existence today, after thinking about philosophy for too long. "I guess watching The Matrix with him last night was probably a mistake", admitted friend Jake Rodkin. "We'd got to the bit where Neo takes a train to pick up some food from the market, when I looked around and was shocked to see him ringed with fire and levitating. He then said something about having an epiphany and reaching enlightenment, or he might have said that he's had an apostrophe and wants to buy a tent. I couldn't be sure. He then became one with all of existence and disappeared. That was the last I saw of him."

We wish Remi good luck in his new life in Nirvana, where he will be spending eternity in a state of constant bliss. Regrettably this means that he will no longer be answering e-mails or updating this site.