Gabez in fan-fic shocker

It was to be just another fan art upload, but a quick error with the mouse would have fatal consequences for the prolific TSB writer. "I've made a huge mistake," admits Gabez, visibly embarrassed. "I wanted to beat World of Monkey Island to the punch, and must have hit a wrong button, and ended up uploading my extensive fanfic collection instead. I am so, so sorry."

Instead of uploading the latest Neil Joshi masterpiece, Gabez, a vocal opponent of fan-fiction, populated the server with novels like "Rebellion: The Last Rebel", "Stan's Pre-Used Adventure", and "The Sovereign of Monkey Island".

"I was shocked," states a visibly shaken bgbennyboy, who first noticed the upload mistake. "He always seemed so laidback and stable, but now... I have to question everything." A week's salary was docked from Gabez's paycheck to make an example of this unheard of behavior. "It'll be hard," laments Gabez, "but I deserve it."

Update: one of Gabez's smutty stories can be found below. Be warned, though, it's not reading for the faint hearted...