Now thats what I call music

Its been variously described as 'cringe-tastic', 'weep-worthy' and 'heeeee best' but outside the Monkey Island community Darth Phenom's #MI song has never gained much of a following. All that is about to change though, its been reported that top pop mogul Simon Cowell loves the song and is about to release it as a single.

"I f*cking love it" exclaimed Cowell, "soon you wont be able to go near a club without hearing the hordes chanting - 'Our Chan! in the middle of Dalnet!', I'll make a bloody fortune".

Could this be the start of a Monkey Island revival? Gabez is already reported to be in talks with Harry Potter publishers Bloomsbury, over the rights to his latest fanfic. Expect to see it in the shops soon.