Our new design. Is. Ready.

I believe it was the great poet Prince who once said, "tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999". Welcome to the brand new SCUMM Bar which, as you may have noticed, is pretty much the same SCUMM Bar you knew and loved ten years ago.

Be dazzled by nested table tags. Marvel at complete lack of CSS. Oh, shut up, we got lazy.

On the bright side, we are in the middle of updating the some sections with new content. Woo!

Other than that, you can follow us on Twitter. But really... Follow Mojo instead. In fact, you probably should read Mojo instead. It actually is updated. Regularly. By many of your old SCUMM Bar friends who updated this page back in 2005.

But yeah, feel free to check things out, we're still around. Sort of. We'll update some stuff at least.