Updates! MP3s! Stuff!

What the hell, an update? And not just a news update, but a site update? Yes indeed!

First: The MP3 section has seen a major overhaul. Consisting now of more than 500 MP3s, you can now download either individual files or zip packages. Just like you asked for in 2003! Tales of Monkey Island tracks are included, converted to MP3s from the OGG files you usually see. (Thanks to Benzo for providing the necessary ripping software.)

Two sections were added a few months back:

The Tales of Monkey Island page is pretty much ready to go, other than a couple of sections needing to be completed.

The movie section -- concerning the canceled Curse of Monkey Island movie -- includes a couple of tidbits you might not have seen or heard of before.

And there are a few other updates all around the site, some might worth checking out, but then, probably not.

Finally: We'd greatly appreciate a Paypal donation or two (using that button over on the right). Hosting the site -- and the bandwidth the MP3 downloads in particular use -- is not free, and any help would be appreciated! ;-*