We promised we'd return in 2014!

Well, OK, "return" might be a bit of a hyperbole, but we have a few updates for you.

First, there's a bunch of new LeChuck's Revenge: SE concept art for you to peruse. And screenshots too!

Fans of the EGA version of Secret will possibly enjoy looking at some demo screenshots.

We posted this on Mojo, but if you want to check out the "never before seen" scene from Secret (showing the cannibal village from a different perspective), here you go,

The fonts section has been updated with the font used in the first two games.

The media sections for both Secret and LeChuck's Revenge have some new stuff in them.

Finally, we've made some updates to the LeChuck's Revenge demo section.

Oh, and the 2014 reference? Remember when Jim Ward (RIP) made snide remark about classic IP sequels? Well there you go. Incidentally, the SCUMM Bar is turning 18 this year; hopefully that doesn't make you feel too old!

(Thanks to ATMachine for providing some of the aforementioned stuff posted! Back in 2010! Time flies.)