On our 25th birthday, we update the site

Because, why not? (Other than you should read Mojo instead. And I think our birthday was back in September.)

Here’s what we got:

Check out this forum thread on LucasArts Posters for some impressive cover-art work by Laserschwert. To wit. Chef’s kisses all around.

In 2004 we spared you from an April Fool’s joke, albeit not entirely by our own volition. Read the story and watch the fake Monkey Island movie trailer to boot.

The two special editions of Monkey Island are available on Amazon’s Prime Gaming.

Want to read the Curse of Monkey Island audition material? Of course you don’t, but we got you covered over at Mojo all the same!

Monkey Island-content has made its way into Sea of Thieves which I’m sure is awesome if you’re familiar with that game.

Polygon has a story about the mercifully canceled Monkey Island movie.

And I think that covers the more important Monkey Island-news from over the last year – see you in '22!