All That Trivia...

... has gotten kind of old and outdated. And by “that trivia,” I’m referencing our “Trivia” sections that go back to the late nineties. (I mean, how many times did we really need to point out Star Wars quotes? “This is C-3PO of Star Wars fame's catchphrase: 'We’re Doomed.'”—not super erudite or exciting.)

So, we’re looking at modernizing. Actually, we have already started, albeit on our Mastodon account. There, you’ll see a funsies piece of trivia daily (alongside “Screenshot of the Day,” “Quote of the Day” (a Dave Grossman favorite), and more to come (maybe)!). As for the website? Decisions are being made. (Slowly.)

And, speaking of the site: We turn 27 on Sunday. What the hell?