Monkey Island - Debug Mode

An article by bgbennyboy, posted on September 16. 2003.

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DarkMonkey January 29. 2004

Hm, Intresting article. BTW, does anyone have Monkey Island sprites that I can use for my fan-game? I've been searching for days with no succes...

Lewis16 January 25. 2004

Balthazar December 08. 2003

Is the first Monkey Island game even capable of recognising the ten minutes you need to kill Guyrbush?

LHWMonkey November 23. 2003

to kill guybrush in mi 1 you have to let him stand underwater for ten minutes ehrn mr shinetop throws you down with the idol.....arr!

LHWMonkey November 22. 2003

hehe im making a monkey island fan game........ keep looking out for it as a demo is released soon

kevsyd November 19. 2003

how do u Kill Guybrush in MI1, i heard it was possible but never found out how

Beavers October 13. 2003

Ive beaten many a games in my life but none were as fun and/or funny as this one.How the story unfolded was genius,and the lines like "Thats the second biggest duck i've ever had in in my pants"They keep you laughing and yet very content in playing this game and not putting it down until you've seen it all.That is why (I love this game!!!) Also if anyone has any "Monkey Island"roms i would like to get them.

Orange October 06. 2003

How did you find out how to get into debug mode? Was there an insider that told u how? What the hell is Wally gonna do with all that Dynamite???

dave October 06. 2003

i like monkeys

Viking Girl October 06. 2003

Great great I gonne try this when i am home:D

curly October 02. 2003

i with i could have monkey is land 1 and to for free cuz i can never find them together anywere,*sigh* owell

Rapp Scallion September 18. 2003

The rat and the monkey isn't the only one that follows Guybrush after Guybrush has given the monkey all the bananas. The Melee Island lookout does too!

-Rapp Scallion

Lagomorph September 17. 2003

You can also in the monkey island directory from dos just type:
"monkey 28" for instance to go to the scummbar, you can even go to some places you can't really visit in the game (like on Elaine's face)

LucasTones September 16. 2003

Yes! Thanks Benny, I had read about this a while ago and never got round to trying it.

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