An article by Gabez, posted on September 27. 2004.

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dany phantom September 10. 2006

amo monkey island

alessio April 22. 2006

game hi

alessio April 22. 2006

game is on

ganon May 19. 2005

how could others donate/help?
but just for your information i shall be the bigest monkey island fan ever. mabye not now but it will be soon.

Captain Jack Swallow May 01. 2005

what the smeg? What about England.....

lewis_oc_rox April 02. 2005

HOLY CRIPES ON TOAST! Where's the bar gonna be

MojoGirl January 07. 2005

I'd be his girlfriend.. O.O

Jonty November 18. 2004

Hello to all my fellow scummbar-eeners,
Can i join your ever-so-diligent crew on this fructuous venture of yours'??
There's nothing else id rather do then to drink good ol' grog and feelin'the cool, crisp aroma of monkey poo whilst drifting afar within the peaceful, pink ambience of me dainted lady!!
Thumbs up to the Scummbar staff for keeping the "legend of the three-headed monkey" alive!!!!!

Punky Elfic Bard November 14. 2004

If this is true just make it look like the scaumm bar of MI1, please. and lotsa grog.

cainian November 08. 2004

I need to no where this bar is going to be built

monkeygod October 10. 2004

By the way he was 8 in 1991.

monkeygod October 10. 2004

WOW I'm impressed and by the way "Maybe they'll make Scumm Bar's throughout North America." no coz I'm in England and I still wanna go to one.

DrDras23 October 08. 2004

If the Scumm Bar was built, I would go there even if it means driving a long ways.

Guybrush-Threepwood October 04. 2004

I wish him luck. I'm a MI fan since 1990, when I was 6 or 7 years old(yes, I was born in 1983, and I'm 21).I'm from Argentina, and I'm saving money, just to do the same. I've started saving money in 2001 and up to now, i've accumulated 520 dollars. That's not much,but here it's like 1400 "pesos" (that's my local currency), so, it's quite good.

PiratePrincess October 02. 2004

Huh, Wow! I salute you mr Robby!

(Well, I'm jelous.)

Gabez September 30. 2004

What do I pay my maths-corector people for? Jeeze!

MrManager September 29. 2004

cutthroatbill - "That was 1991, when Robby was just 13."

Mr Flibble September 29. 2004

I wonder if he's got a girlfriend?

cutthroatbill September 28. 2004

it didn't say he saw it in 1991, but that he first saw it when he was 13. jeez, you guys pick at the dumbest things.

MrManager September 28. 2004

Well, if he actually was born in 83, then your age estimation is correct. ; He would however not have been 13 in 1991 as you claim.

Gabez September 28. 2004

Any age anomalies are down to the inadequacies of my maths skills. What age should he have been?

aethra September 28. 2004

Meh. You get worse. Any kind of bar is generally a good idea :)

Btw, is there some joke I'm not getting with the age? 13 in 91 means born 78 means 2004 = 26. Or maybe I'm missing something, which is highly likely. *hides*

Thrik September 28. 2004


Gabez September 28. 2004

Yeah, I hope he suceeds in his plans - a pirate themed bar full stop would be a great idea.

Mechantichrist September 28. 2004

Maybe they'll make Scumm Bar's throughout North America. Now that would be somewhere I could spend all my time drinking :)

Governor Phatt September 27. 2004

great sainted jumping monkeys! heh... whata nice fellow

Gabez September 27. 2004

Ah come on, everyone's obsessed with something!

bgbennyboy September 27. 2004


elTee September 27. 2004

For the love of all things good and Holy

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