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Robby "One time I dreamt I was on the Dainty Lady" King. The one, the only, Monkey Island fan boy extraordinaire.
NAME: Robby King
AGE: 21
LOCATION: B.C., Canada
OCCUPATION: Architect by day, Monkey Island fanboy by night
CONDITION BEGAN: Robby first saw a copy of The Secret of Monkey Island back when he was 13, and just knew that he had to buy it.
HISTORY OF CONDITION: 8 long years of obsession have past, cumulating in Robby painting a Monkey Island mural in his den.
OUTLOOK: If his real life SCUMM Bar plans are successful, then there’s every chance that ten years from now he’ll be so rich from the bar that he’ll be able to buy the Monkey Island licence and make a fifth game himself. We can only hope.


The Monkey Island games inspire the imagination. That’s what we like about them. Whether it’s the eeriness of the Scabb Island cemetery, the serenity of the Plunder Island beach or simply the freedom of the open seas, we all want to be there in real life. Unfortunately the reality would be that you’d get home-sick on day one, scurvy on the day two and be plundered to death on day three – but we’re all allowed to dream, eh?

Once such dreamer is Robby King, a man with ambitions as big as LeChuck’s beard, a man who will stop at nothing to see that his dreams become a reality. Working with indefatigable zeal, day and night, Robby has already made his obsession with Monkey Island show on his house, and he has plans to make it show on the world too.

But to fully understand exactly what makes Robby King’s brain tick, we have to first go back in time, back when Monkey Island was but a twinkle in Ron Gilbert’s eye. Robby King was born on the 7th of November 1983 in Saskatchewan, Canada, before moving over to Toronto where he spent his childhood years. After a brief spell as an extra in a show called “Ready or Not”, Robby vowed to give up show business for ever.


Floating aimlessly adrift a sea of mindless drivel, Robby King felt both mentally and physically lost. Just when he thought that he would never find his life’s true meaning, something amazing happened, as Robby himself fondly recalls: “I’ll always remember the day I saw the first Monkey Island game. There was no question. I just had to get it!”

And so the obsession begins. That was 1991, when Robby was just 13. Flash forward to the year 2004, and Robby is now 21 – but his Monkey Island obsession has anything but diminished over the years. “I have plans to make a real life SCUMM Bar”, admitted Robby, his face lighting up in delight, “we’re going to be using upturned boats for lights and have a crows nest as a bar.”

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This rare photo shows a bit of Robby’s Monkey Island inspired Mural.

The “we” he refers to is none other than his partner in crime, Reilley Whyte, whom Robby has known since childhood. Robby becomes misty eyed with nostalgia as he recollects those years – “as a kid my and Reilley loved playing pirates. We would make a sea of pillows and pretend to attack them”

The two indeed plan to open a real SCUMM Bar, but this is much more than a useless pipedream: land near the Okanagan has already been bought, and the duo have set a realistic opening date of 2006. “When I first thought of the idea me and Reilley stayed up most of the night just talking about it. Then we decided to save up money and after five years we got $700. It’s not much but it helps”

The plan is to make it as Monkey Island-esque as possible, with music from the series blasting through the speakers 24/7, something that Robby King is particularly enthusiastic about. “For me, the music is definitely the best thing about the games”, he told the SCUMM Bar, before adding “I’ve never wanted to stalk Ron Gilbert, but I wouldn’t mind tracking down the music guy and stealing their music collection”.

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The proposed location for the real-life SCUMM Bar. Looks nice, no?


The Monkey Island inspiration doesn’t end there though, with the whole place set to be as similar to the virtual location as possible, right down to the Grog. In addition Robby has already bought an old barn and several old boats, in order to get the aged wood look he so desires.

Most people would only fantasise about owning a Monkey Island themed bar, but Robby King and his friend are going that one step further to actually realise their dreams. The Monkey Island obsession doesn’t end with plans to make a SCUMM Bar, however: it has also crept into other areas of Robby’s life.

“I painted a mural in my den that took me 3 months, and it’s not even finished yet” whispered Robbie feverishly – and he has hopes of painting more Monkey Island frescos throughout his house. Indeed his room currently has Monkey Island fan-art adorning ever inch of the walls together with fish nets on the ceiling, resulting in a very piratey place to sleep indeed.

But what of the others in Robby’s life? How have they responded to his rampant addiction? Robby mutters: “At first my friends and family thought my obsession was a little weird, but after a while they thought that it could be a great experience and could become quite popular”. Furthermore, Robby’s obviously working hard on his scheme, also admitting to “spending 12 hours in Planet Threepwood looking for ideas”.

"[I’m] amazed that anyone still cares [about Monkey Island]" - Ron Gilbert, 2002, in an obligatory and highly edited quote.

End quote!


For a man such as Robby, nothing can stand in the way of his Monkey Island love-fling – not even what many fans consider to be a poor sequel. “Oh, I loved EMI” Robby enthused, “I think the 3D really brought it to life”. And what does he think of a Monkey Island 5? “OH GOD YES. I would want it to be longer, though, around 50-100 hours plus”.

The sands of time have had little effect on Robby’s condition – on the contrary, as time goes on he’s set to become even more entwined in the Monkey Island universe. “I’ve had a fascination with pirates since I was a toddler, and I just love the game soooooo much.” And what does Robby do for relaxation? “I play the Monkey Island games and listen to the music, they’re a great way to wind-down.”

So there you have it – Robby King, with a dream to build the SCUMM Bar. Don’t forget to vote for him in our upcoming poll if you think he’s the biggest Monkey Island fan ever!

Or do you think you’re a bigger fan boy than Robby is? If so, send your details on a postcard to the usual address and prepare to be added to the prestigious list of Obsessives at The SCUMM Bar!

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dany phantom September 10. 2006

amo monkey island

alessio April 22. 2006

game hi

alessio April 22. 2006

game is on

ganon May 19. 2005

how could others donate/help?
but just for your information i shall be the bigest monkey island fan ever. mabye not now but it will be soon.

Captain Jack Swallow May 01. 2005

what the smeg? What about England.....

lewis_oc_rox April 02. 2005

HOLY CRIPES ON TOAST! Where's the bar gonna be

MojoGirl January 07. 2005

I'd be his girlfriend.. O.O

Jonty November 18. 2004

Hello to all my fellow scummbar-eeners,
Can i join your ever-so-diligent crew on this fructuous venture of yours'??
There's nothing else id rather do then to drink good ol' grog and feelin'the cool, crisp aroma of monkey poo whilst drifting afar within the peaceful, pink ambience of me dainted lady!!
Thumbs up to the Scummbar staff for keeping the "legend of the three-headed monkey" alive!!!!!

Punky Elfic Bard November 14. 2004

If this is true just make it look like the scaumm bar of MI1, please. and lotsa grog.

cainian November 08. 2004

I need to no where this bar is going to be built

monkeygod October 10. 2004

By the way he was 8 in 1991.

monkeygod October 10. 2004

WOW I'm impressed and by the way "Maybe they'll make Scumm Bar's throughout North America." no coz I'm in England and I still wanna go to one.

DrDras23 October 08. 2004

If the Scumm Bar was built, I would go there even if it means driving a long ways.

Guybrush-Threepwood October 04. 2004

I wish him luck. I'm a MI fan since 1990, when I was 6 or 7 years old(yes, I was born in 1983, and I'm 21).I'm from Argentina, and I'm saving money, just to do the same. I've started saving money in 2001 and up to now, i've accumulated 520 dollars. That's not much,but here it's like 1400 "pesos" (that's my local currency), so, it's quite good.

PiratePrincess October 02. 2004

Huh, Wow! I salute you mr Robby!

(Well, I'm jelous.)

Gabez September 30. 2004

What do I pay my maths-corector people for? Jeeze!

MrManager September 29. 2004

cutthroatbill - "That was 1991, when Robby was just 13."

Mr Flibble September 29. 2004

I wonder if he's got a girlfriend?

cutthroatbill September 28. 2004

it didn't say he saw it in 1991, but that he first saw it when he was 13. jeez, you guys pick at the dumbest things.

MrManager September 28. 2004

Well, if he actually was born in 83, then your age estimation is correct. ; He would however not have been 13 in 1991 as you claim.

Gabez September 28. 2004

Any age anomalies are down to the inadequacies of my maths skills. What age should he have been?

aethra September 28. 2004

Meh. You get worse. Any kind of bar is generally a good idea :)

Btw, is there some joke I'm not getting with the age? 13 in 91 means born 78 means 2004 = 26. Or maybe I'm missing something, which is highly likely. *hides*

Thrik September 28. 2004


Gabez September 28. 2004

Yeah, I hope he suceeds in his plans - a pirate themed bar full stop would be a great idea.

Mechantichrist September 28. 2004

Maybe they'll make Scumm Bar's throughout North America. Now that would be somewhere I could spend all my time drinking :)

Governor Phatt September 27. 2004

great sainted jumping monkeys! heh... whata nice fellow

Gabez September 27. 2004

Ah come on, everyone's obsessed with something!

bgbennyboy September 27. 2004


elTee September 27. 2004

For the love of all things good and Holy

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