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Deleted Scenes

During the development of the Special Edition, a bunch of cut and extended scenes were found. These were all chronicled on LucasArts' blog.

Being tossed in the drink by Shinetop (Extended Scene)

Some extra dialogue before Fester kicks you into the water.

Fester Shinetop: You've been able to make quite a pest of yourself since you've been here.

Fester Shinetop: Poking in places you shouldn't, taking things that aren't yours, asking questions about things that aren't any of your business.

Fester Shinetop: The Governor doesn't need this kind of aggravation. And neither do I.

After getting out of the water (Extended Scene)

When Guybrush gets out of the water after being thrown in by Shinetop, he runs into Governor Marley, and then this alternate exchange starts.

Guybrush: You came down here to rescue me?

Elaine: Well...

Guybrush: You were going to dive into that icy water and drag me out?

Elaine: ...Something like that.

Guybrush: You were going to brave the sharks and the eels to save my life?

Elaine: Sharks? What sharks?

Guybrush: And then you were going to give me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?

Elaine: Don't push it.

The Crew Arrives at the Dock

When the crew shows up at the dock after they've been recruited.

Guybrush: You little two-faced cretin! You tricked me.

Otis: Oh come on, I was just kidding.

Just a joke, you know?

I was going to help you save the Governor, honest.

Right after I visited my sick Aunt Tillie...

...who, by the way, is in need of some very costly surgery and I was just wondering-

Otis: Does our ship have a pool?

I could really use a bath.

Guybrush Dialogue Option Meathook, I'd like you to meet Otis and Carla.

Guybrush Dialogue Option Otis, I'd like you to meet Carla and Meathook.

Guybrush Dialogue Option Carla, I'd like you to meet Meathook and Otis.

Guybrush Dialogue Option I assume you've all met...

Meathook: Wait a second-SHE'S not coming, is she?

Don't you know it's bad luck to have women on board?

Carla: Don't you know it's bad luck to make stupid remarks like that... front of a woman who could slice off your tattoo like a strip of salted pork...

...and shove it up your nose so far you could taste it?

Meathook: Uh...

(pause): No, actually, I've never heard that one...

Carla: You didn't tell me this cannonball-head was coming.

Meathook: Hey, I don't like being called that.

Otis: Ooooh...

Mr. Big and Sensitive...

Meathook: Is he the cabin boy?

Carla: What's going on here?

Otis: Where's our ship?

Meathook: Where's our crew?

Guybrush: This isn't going to be as easy as I thought.

Guybrush Dialogue Option You're the crew. That's the ship. Now, get on it.

Otis/Meathook/Carla: HA HA HA!!!

Carla: Very funny.

Guybrush Dialogue Option Well, it's a long story...

Guybrush Dialogue Option Kids! Kids! Don't worry. I've taken care of everything.

Carla: Somehow I don't find that very comforting.

Guybrush Dialogue Option I could explain if you'd all just SHUT UP!

Carla: Ooooh...Well excuse us, Captain Bligh!

Otis (turns to look at ship): Geeze, I hope no one's on that thing.

It looks like it's about to go under.

Meathook (turns to look at ship): Maybe they need some help.

Carla (turns to look at ship): Maybe somebody should row out there and check.

Guybrush: What a great idea!

Let's all go!

(Everyone turns and looks at Guybrush)

Guybrush: I'll explain everything once we're out there.

Men of Low Moral Fiber (the in-jokes version)

There were original a few funny answers when Guybrush talked to the three men of low moral fiber. These probably were never meant to be in the shipping version.

Guybrush: Say, are you guys pirates?

Frank: No, we're industrial spies from Sierra On-Line, traveling in disguise.

(Freddy laughs)

Guybrush: Say, are you guys pirates?

Fin: No, we're just in town for the Game Designer's Conference.

Meathook's Stump Balm

I couldn't find Guybrush's question, but I found references to an object in Meathook's house called Stump Balm.

I assume Guybrush asks if he can borrow some, then Meathook's response is below.

Meathook: Well, yes, I do.

It's for a friend, I take it?

You can have some.

Anyone in need, you know.

That's what I always say.

Recruiting Meathook

When you come to recruit Meathook, after the governor is kidnapped. Meathook asks what they should do, Guybrush originally had another option...

Guybrush: Screw 'em. Let's go loot the town.

Meathook: Okay.

(screen fades to black)

Title card: Two hours later...

(Cut back to Meathook's house)

Guybrush: Well, that was fun.

Meathook: Yeah, but I didn't get anything, did you?

Guybrush: Well, I got these breath mints.

Meathook: Well, what are we going to do now?

Guybrush: Hmm...

And here we go back to the original options.

Meathook questions Guybrush's manliness

Meathook: Look, I'm sure you have good intentions...

...but it takes more than that to captain a ship.

Do you really think you're man enough?

Guybrush: Yes I do, but I must say that I found that last remark to be very sexist.

Meathook: Boy do you sound like a sissy.

Guybrush: Am not.

Meathook: Are too.

Guybrush: Am not.

Meathook: Are too.

Guybrush: Am not.

Meathook: Okay, let's see you prove it.

Then, we return to the original scene

Stan's Sea Monkey Extended Story

Most of this story appears in game, but this version has a few extra lines.

Stan: Now, there's something I should tell you about this ship.

It's got a little history behind it.

This here is the famous `Sea Monkey.

-The only ship ever to make it to Monkey Island ...

...and come back with anyone aboard left alive.

Or, should I say, anyTHING.

You see, the previous owners of this ship were two adventurous pirates.

They set off, like many before, to find the legendary Secret of Monkey Island .

And, like many before, they disappeared forever.

Their fate-a mystery.

Almost as mysterious as how this ship returned to

Melee Island without a single human aboard.

on its own...

...or should I say, not MANNED.

Some claim it was sailed back by a crew of chimps.

Guybrush: Ha ha ha!

Stan: What I really want to know is, if it were sailed by a crew of chimps...

...where are they all now?

Road Pirates In-Joke

When LucasFilm Games first started, their offices were in the Stables at Skywalker Ranch. Kerner was a new complex in San Rafael where Industrial Light & Magic was headquartered.

Guybrush: Can you tell me where the Games Division is?

Fighting Pirate: They be moved off the ranch.

They be found at ye ol' kerner now.

Aboard the Sea Monkey

Right after the Part 2 heading, when Guybrush appears on the deck of the Sea Monkey, he originally said....

Guybrush: Has anyone else noticed that the whole ship smells like monkeys?

Carla: All except the parts that smell like Otis' breath

Otis: It can't be any worse than the sun bouncing off Meathook's head.

Meathook: Hey! I warned you two... bald jokes.

Guybrush: We've got to all work together if we're going to rescue the Governor.

Monkey Head Ceremony (Deleted Scene)

The first time you arrive at the Monkey Head, there are 4 cannibals, 2 with blue skull masks, one with a shark mask, and Orange Head. They are exactly the same art as the 3 cannibals we know and love, but have different color masks. Then it says some dancing the Hokey-Pokey goes on, and the natives all move around and one of them moves to the next to the ear. He does some sort of cranking action at the ear (maybe with the monkey head key?) and the mouth of the Monkey head opens. The other 3 cannibals walk into the open mouth. The last cannibal looks around, to make sure no one is watching, and then Lemonhead examines the Idol, Extended Version.

Much of this appears in the game, but there are a few extra lines.

Red Skull: You're an expert at this sort of thing, Lemonhead...

What do you make of it?

Lemonhead: Hmmm...

Well, well, well...

I see...

Very interesting...

Red Skull: What? What??

Lemonhead: Ah, this looks like an excellent piece of primitive folk art.

Crude, yet brilliant...

Simple, yet ingenious...

In many ways, very similar to my earlier work.

Even down to the `Made by Lemonhead` on the bottom.

Just look at the rich detail and superb craftsmanship...

We should take this to the Monkey God!