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The Secret of Monkey Island Walkthrough

This walkthrough was written in 1996—our apologies for any and all funky layout issues.

Part One - The Three Trials and Insults
Part Two - the Journey
Part Three - Under Monkey Island
Last Part - Guybrush Kicks Butt

Part One - The Three Trials

In the start of the story, you must complete three trials in order to prove that you are fit to be a pirate.

The Three trials are:

- Mastering the sword. You will need to get a sword. Find someone to train you. the n challenge the swordmaster.

- Mastering the art of thievery. You need to steal the idol of many hands from the governor's mansion.

- Treasure hunting. You need to get the map to the treasure andget a shovel. the n go and dig for the treasure.

Walk to the Scumm Bar.

Open the door and get inside Talk to the pirates inside to find out about the situation on the island. Talk to the importantlooking pirates and the y will tell you about The Three trials.When the cook is serving the pirates. Get inside the kitchen. Getthe meat, and the pot. Chase the bird away by rocking the plank.When it fly away, get the fish. Now, walk to the cliffside to the outpost.

Walk to the path outside the village. You will see map with a figure representing Threepwood.

Go to the clearing

You will find a circus the re. Go inside and you will find twobrothe rs quarreling. Talk to the Fettucini Brothers. the y will ask you to perform a dangerous feat. When ask whethe r you havebrought a helmet, show the m the pot you found in the kitchen. Go ahead and do the feat, you will beid 478 pieces of eight.

Now that you have enough money, go back to the village. Walk along the street until you found a man with a parrot. Buy the mapfrom him. Talk to The Three men standing in front of a rat. Take the minute if the yy you 2 pieces of eight. Walk to the voodoo house. It is in one of the house between the man with therrot and The Three men with a rat. Walk inside and get the rubber chicken.Walk to the right and talk to the voodoo man inside. Ask him about you fortune. Go to the old man shop. It is the first house you will find after you walkss the archway under the clock. Pressthe bell if he is not around. Get the sword and shovel. Pay the required amount to the old man before you leave. the shop keeper only sell certain items when do certain things. So, after someencounter, you might want to return here again. Go outside the village.

Walk to the bridge

Give the fish to the troll so that you may pass. You might wantto talk to the troll before you give him the fish. Go to the house. Open the door and talk to the one eye jack. Pay him the fee required to learn sword fighting. Show him the sword you havebought. After many hours of training, you will learn how tofight.

In this game, sword fighting skill is dependent on how well youcan insult your opponent as well as responding correctlyto an insult. You will begin with a few insults and responds. Asyou come across othe r insults and responds, the y will be added toyour own list. So what you should do now is to fight with allthose pirates that are moving around on the map. Just putyourself near the fork and the y will automatically look for you.the re is no need for you to go after the m. Make sure you rememberthe correct responds. If you find a new insult, you should use assoon as possible so that you will know its correct responds. the better insults are listed at the top of your list. After you havewon enough battle. You can the n seek the swordmaster.

Go to the fork

Take the Follow ing th to reach the swordmaster. North. You shouldsee a plant with yellow flowers. Pick up the flowers. North.East. East. West. North. You should see a sign post. Push it tolower the bridge. Cross the bridge and you will find the swordmaster. Once the swordmaster is found, you can go the redirectly from the map. You will need to respond to her insultcorrectly for five times before you can defeat her. Choose the correct responds from those you have gathe red. Try until you havedefeated her. Once defeated, her will give you something to proveher defeat.

the Governor's House

the mansion is guarded by deadly piranha poodles. Use the yellowpetal on the meat. the meat will become drugged. Give the meatwith condiment to the dogs. After the y fell asleep, get insidethe mansion. Open the door inside the mansion and you will getinto the fight. This sequence is automatic, so sit back watch the cut screen. Check your inventory after the fight, a few itemswill be added to it. You will need a file in order to get the idol. Go to the prison and talk to prisoner. You will find thathe will need some breadth refreshers. Go back to the shopkeeperand this time you can buy the breadth mints from him. Get the breadth mints and give it to the prisoner. Ask him for the file,he will the n ask you for some rat repellent. Give the gopherrepellent you found in the mansion to the prisoner and he willgive you a carrot cake in return. Use (eat) the cake. the re is afile inside. Now, go back to the mansion to get the idol. Jumpinto the gaping hole and you will get into anothe r fight. Aftergetting the idol. Talk to the sheriff. the governor will appearsand chase the sheriff away. Talk to her (if you could). After sheleft, open the door to get outside the mansion. the sheriff willbe waiting for you. You will be the n be thrown into the sea bythe sheriff. Inside the water, get idol and the n walk up. Talk tothe governor on the docks.

the Treasure Hunt

Go to the Scumm Bar. Talk to important pirates. Tell the m yourprogress. Now go the the fork again. This time you will need tofind the lost treasure. Take the Follow ing path. North. Youshould see yellow flowers. West. You will find a campsite here.Take the left th to the north. West. North. West. You should seea skeleton here. North. North. East. West. North. You should finda place full of red flowers. East. You will find an 'X' on the ground. Use the shovel on the 'X' to get the treasure.

Return to the village

You see the ghost ship sailing away. Talk to the cook. He willtell you that the governor was kidnaped by the ghost pirate,LeChuck. Now, you must find a ship and get a crew of three to goafter the ghost ship. Go to the Scumm Bar. Pick up all the fivemugs that are on the tables. Go to the kitchen. Use the mug withthe barrel which contains grog. the grog inside is very corrosiveand thus a mug will not hold the grog for long. When the mug isnear dead, use it with anothe r mug. You got no time to loose now,so better hurry up. Find the shortest way to the prison. Changethe mugs on the way. When you reach the prison. Use the meltingmug on the lock to melt it. Ask the prisoner to join your crew.If the mug is dead before you switch, go back to the bar and tryagain. Don't worry, you can always get new mugs in the bar. Go tothe swordmaster place. Ask her to join you. She will agree andask you to meet her at the docks. Walk outside the village and goto the shore. Use the rubber chicken on the cable to reach the island. the man, Meathook will ask you to take a test. the testis quite simple. Touch the beast and he will join you. Go to the place where you find lights. You can find here...

Stan's Used Ship Emporium

Talk to Stan. Make sure you mention about buying the ships oncredit. Well, you might want to look through all the ships butyou will not be able to any single one of the m. Before you leave,he will give you a business card. Now go the the shopkeeperhouse. You might want to save the game at this moment. Ask him toget a note of credit for you. He will open the safe and get the note. Watch how he open the safe. When you are sure of the correct combination (Note that the combination is different whenyou start anothe r game. So, it is not possible to write it downin this solution) If you miss the combination, go outside andcome back again. the shopkeeper will repeat the sequence again.When you are sure of the combination, Ask him to look for the swordmaster. Open the safe while he is away. Get the note ofcredit from the safe. Walk outside the village. Go the the UsedShip Emporium. Talk to the man. Buy the Sea Monkey from him withthe note of credit. Make sure you do your bargaining with him.You can do away with all the extra in order to cut price. Startyour offer with the minimum amount and gradually increases. Whenyou bought the ship, he will give you a magnetic coss. Go back tothe village. Your crews and ship will be waiting for you to setsail.

Part Two - the Journey

After your conversation with the crew, you will find yourself inthe captain's room. Get feathe r pen, ink. Open drawer and get the dusty book. Read the book carefully, it gives hints as to how toreach the Monkey Island. Walk to deck. Talk to crew. Walk to ropeladder. Get the Jolly Roger (pirate flag) on top. Go down to the deck. Walk to the hatch behind the crew. You will find anothe rhatch that led to the store and a door that led to the kitchen.Walk to kitchen. Get pot. Open cupboard, get cereal. Open cerealto get the prize. Look at the prize, it's a small key! Go downthe second hatch to the store room. Open the chest to get the fine wine. Get the giant coil of rope. Open the kegs to getgunpowder. Go the captain's room. Open the cabinet with the smallkey. Open the chest inside the cabinet to get a recipe and somecinnamon sticks. Read the recipe. Go to the kitchen. It's time toget rid of all the redundant stuff in your inventory.

Use the pot with the Follow ings: minutes note business cardfeathe r pen cereal piece ofper Jolly Roger ink breath mints finewine 100% cotton T-shirt T-shirt rubber chicken staple removersmall key dusty book cinnamon sticks gunpowder

the pot will explode and release a voodoo spell that will bringthe ship to the Monkey Island. Note that not all items arenecessary to be thrown into the pot. You do it just to reduceyour inventory list. So throw in the gunpowder only when you havegot rid of all the redundant items. Don't worry, any items thatcould be thrown into the pot is not important. Use the map on the red hot fire to get a flaming mass. Go to the store room to getmore gunpowder. Go to the deck. Use the gunpowder in the cannonnozzle. Use the rope on the cannon to serve as a fuse. Now, usethe pot as a helmet. Light the cannon and sent yourself to MonkeyIsland.

Part Three - Under Monkey Island

Some explanations the island can be assess by clicking at the crosshair to move your character. When move to a place ofi nterest, its name will be shown. the names of location used here are exactly those used in the game. When in doubt, move arounduntil the appropriate place is found. the cannon will sent you tothe beach. Pick up banana. Go to the fort to the western side ofthe island. Push cannon. Get cannon ball. Get gunpowder. Getrope. Get spyglass. Talk to Herman Toothrot. Go to river fork.Pick up stone under note. Look at the stone, it's a piece offlint. Climb up the hill with the footholds. At the middle of the hill, you will find a catapult. You can push/pull it to adjust its aim. Go to the hill top. Use the spyglass. If you don't seethe banana tree, go down and adjust the catapult again. Do ituntil you have the banana tree on target. Push the rock toactivate the catapult. A message will be shown if you hit the banana tree. If your hit is not successful. Pick up another rockfrom the heap of rock and try again. Hitting the tree will cause the bananas to drop. You can collect it later on when you go tothe beach. Go down the hill. Go to the pond at the end of the dryriver bed. You will find a man hanging on the tree. the re is acoil of rope on his hand. So, in order to get the rope. Go backto the river fork. Walk to dam. Use gunpowder on dam. Use the flint on the cannon ball to produce a rk. This will blow up the dam and release the water. Go back to the pond, the log will befloating and the dead body is on the ground. Get the rope fromthe dead body. Go to the crack. the re is air of oars at the bottom. Tie the rope on the strong branch. Go down the rope. Tiethe othe r rope on the sturdy stump. Climb down to get the oars.Go the beach with the banana tree. Pick up the bananas. Use the oars on the boat. Now, you can travel by sea to the northe rnrt ofthe island. Note that you must land your boat on a beach beforeyou can travel on foot.

Go to the village to the north

Walk to the giant head to the left. Pick up the bananas on the fruit bowl. Walk out of the village. You will be stopped by threecannibals. Talk to the m. the y will the n lock you inside the irguest room. Inside hut, get skull. Open the loose boardunderneath the skull. the hole will let you get out of the village. Go to the forest north of the beach with the banana treeto find the monkey. Look at the monkey. Give all the five bananasto the monkey. This will make him happy and Follow s you. Whens uccessful you will find a gray dot Follow ing you where ver yougo. If you happen to lose sight of him, go back to look for him.(This only happened when you travel by boat) Go to the clearingat the eastern end of the island. Make sure the monkey isFollow ing you. Walk to totem pole. Move the cursor around untilyou find the nose on the totem pole. Pull the nose to open the gate. the monkey will the n pull the nose for you so that you cango near the Gigantic Monkey's Head. Pick up the wimpy littleidol. Look at idol. Go back to the village. Give the idol to the cannibals. the y will the n be friendly to you. Walk to the hut where you were taken to the othe r time. This time the door isopened. Get the banana picker. Walk to the right. the hermitToothrot will be waiting for you. Give him the banana picker andhe will give you the monkey head key. Exit the village and comeback again. the cannibals will talk to you. Give the m the leaflet. the y will give you the navigator's head and necklace. Goto the Gigantic Monkey Head. Use the key the dig the GiganticMonkey Ear to open the Monkey Head. This will open the GiganticMonkey Head. Walk inside the Monkey Head. Use the navigator'shead. It's nose will be pointing to the correct direction. Follow it until you have found the ghost ship. Don't go inside the shipyet. Talk to the navigator's head. Ask him until he agreed togive you the necklace. Wear the necklace before you enter the ghost ship. It will make you invisible to the ghosts. Go to the captain's room. Use the magnetic coss on the key. Walk to the deck. Climb down the hatch. You will be in the bedroom. Walk tothe passage to the right. You will find some ghost chickensthe re. Get the ghost feathe r. Unlock the hatch with the key. Godown and you will find yourself surrounded by rats. You will needto get something in order to getss the rats. Go back to the bedroom. Use the ghost feathe r on the sleeping ghost. Whentickled, he will drop the wine bottle. Get the jug o'grog and goback to the rats room. Pour the jug o'grog on the dish. the ratswill get drunk after drinking it. Get the glob of grease. Go backto the deck. Use the glob of grease on the squeaky door. Open the door. Get the ghost tools beside the ghost guard. Go back to the ghost chickens. Use the ghost tools on the glowing crate to openit. Get the voodoo root. Go back to the cave. Cut screen : Youwill travel back to the village and give the root to the cannibals. the y will the n prre the root for you. the n you willtravel all the way back to the ghost ship. You will find that the ship is gone. the ghost pirate, LeChuck, is going to marry the governor. So, you will need to go back to Melee Island to stopthe wedding. Talk to funny ghost. Don't kill him. When your crewis back, listen to the ir conversation.

Last Part - Guybrush Kicks Butt

After anothe r journey, you will be at the docks in the village.Use the potion on any ghost you encounter. Find you way to the church. Talk to LeChuck. Your potion will becomes jammed and youwill be whack by the ghost pirate continually. You will be flyingall over the place. When you find yourself in the emporium. Tryto get the root beer before the ghost hit you. After you get the root beer, try to use it on the ghost. If you did itsuccessfully, you will destroy the ghost. Talk to governor and watch the fireworks.


Against the Pirates
Insult Comeback
This is the END for you, you gutter-crawling cur!And I've got a little TIP for you, get the POINT?
Soon you'll be wearing my sword like a shish kebab!First you better stop waiving it like a feathe r-duster.
My handkerchief will wipe up your blood! So you got that job as janitor, after all.
People fall at my feet when the y see me coming.Even BEFORE the y smell your breath?
I once owned a dog that was smarter the n you.He must have taught you everything you know.
You make me want to puke.You make me think somebody already did.
Nobody's ever drawn blood from me and no body ever will.You run THAT fast?
You fight like a dairy farmer.How appropriate. You fight like a cow.
I got this scar on my face during a mighty struggle!I hope now you've learned to stop picking your nose.
Have you stopped wearing diapers yet?Why, did you want to borrow one?
I've heard you were a contemptible sneak.Too bad no one's ever heard of YOU at all.
You'r no match for my brains, you poor fool.I'd be in real trouble if you ever used the m.
You have the manners of a begger.I wanted to make sure you'd feel comfortable with me.
I'm not going to take your insolence sitting down!Your hemorrhoids are flaring up again, eh?
the re are no words for how disgusting you are.Yes the re are. You just never learned the m.
I've spoken with apes more polite the n you.I'm glad to hear you attended your family reunion.
Against the Sword Master
Insult Comeback
I've got a long, sharp lesson for you you to learn today.And I've got a little TIP for you. Get the POINT?
My tonge is sharper the n any sword.First you better stop waving it like a feathe r-duster.
My name is feared in every dirty corner of this island!So you got that job as a janitor, after all.
My wisest enemies run away at the first sight of me!Even BEFORE the y smell your breath?
Only once have I met such a coward!He must have taught you everything you know.
If your brothe r's like you, better to marry a pig.You make me think somebody already has.
No one will ever catch ME fighting as badly as you do.You run THAT fast?
I will milk every drop of blood from your body!How appropriate. You fight like a cow.
My last fight ended with my hands covered with blood.I hope now you've learned to stop picking your nose.
I hope you have a boat ready for a quick escape.Why, did you want to borrow one?
My sword is famous all over the Caribbean!Too bad no one's ever heard of YOU at all.
I've got the courage and skill of a master swordsman!I'd be in real trouble if you ever used the m.
Every word you say to me is stupid.I wanted to make sure you'd feel comfortable with me.
You are a pain in the backside, sir!Your hemorrhoids are flaring up again, eh?
the re are no clever moves that can help you now.Yes the re are. You just never learned the m.
Now I know what filth and stupidity really are.I'm glad to hear you attended your family reunion.
I usually see people like you passed-out on tavern floors.Even BEFORE the y smell your breath?