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Some General Information

Well, what do you know? The first episode of Money Island 5 -- Tales of Monkey Island -- was released July 7th, 2009. It was developed by our good friends at Telltale Games. Some tidbits:

  • Dave Grossman, co-writer and co-designer of the two first games, is heading the production as Design Director. EMI lead, Mike Stemmle, is co-directing the series alongside Mark Darin. In addition, many ex-LECers are on board.
  • Michael Land is back for the music, as is Dominic Armato as the voice of Guybrush, Earl Boen as LeChuck, and Alexandra Boyd as Elaine.
  • While Ron Gilbert isn't directly involved with the development, he sat in on a few days of brainstorming during the beginning of the design process.
  • Available for PC, WiiWare, iOS, PS3. and Mac.
  • As opposed to previous Telltale games, the chapters here won't be loosely connected through a larger story arc, but rather be organized as parts of one large game.
  • There are five chapters, which can be bought for $34 from the official site.
  • First island visited is Flotsam Island.
  • Each chapter has a different head writer.
  • Each episode includes roughly 1,600 lines of dialogue.

The Plot

Set a few years after the end of Escape from Monkey Island, Tales of Monkey Island opens with Guybrush once again trying to save Elaine from the clutches of LeChuck. While trying to banish the undead pirate, Guybrush accidentally transforms LeChuck into a human form, and has some of his evil transferred into his hand. And there starts the adventure.