“Return to Monkey Island” Turns One

That’s right. One. How times passed that quickly is anyone’s guess. Word that anniversary merch will appear is circulating but so far, nada. But! We were treated to the game’s devs sharing their favorite parts of the game.

All great, but I will always be a Stan for the three musicians sharing anything and everything.
That’s right—both on streaming services and digitally for purchase. Use Songwhip to listen on your favorite service.

To editorialize: It’s great that the OST exists, and even better how accessible it is. On the flip side, it’s also optimized for CD—presumably it’s what will be included with the LRG release—so a lot of stuff has been cut out. Feel free to check out the MP3s ripped (and also remixed) straight from the game in our downloads section.

All That Trivia...

... has gotten kind of old and outdated. And by “that trivia,” I’m referencing our “Trivia” sections that go back to the late nineties. (I mean, how many times did we really need to point out Star Wars quotes? “This is C-3PO of Star Wars fame's catchphrase: 'We’re Doomed.'”—not super erudite or exciting.)

So, we’re looking at modernizing. Actually, we have already started, albeit on our Mastodon account. There, you’ll see a funsies piece of trivia daily (alongside “Screenshot of the Day,” “Quote of the Day” (a Dave Grossman favorite), and more to come (maybe)!). As for the website? Decisions are being made. (Slowly.)

And, speaking of the site: We turn 27 on Sunday. What the hell?

A Grabbag of News and Stuff

First: August 1st is Guybrush’s birthday. This was revealed in the original demo.

Voodoo Lady reveals Guybrush’s birthday

Return to Monkey Island hits a (somewhat questionable) top 100 PC games of all time list.

Speaking of, the game is available for a cool $10 for iOS and Android. Works great on an iPad, too.

We’ll call that good for now.

SeMI News Keep Happening

This time through an official interview with creative director Mike Chapman. To wit:

So I got really excited about the idea of including Insult Sword Fighting, because it allows you to have those more visceral moments, because it’s in first-person, you’re fighting your opponent directly. But it’s also more accessible because the bulk of the flow of combat is handled through the quips and the retorts, and how you build up that knowledge of the insults.

The whole thing is worth a read. I may have mixed feelings about this Sea of Thieves thing, but there is no denying that the developers give a damn about the source material.
With two days until The Legend of Monkey Island releases for Sea of Thieves, Rare has hit the spoiler drum pretty hard.

It gives you a good idea of what it’ll look like which... Well, make up your own mind. The game releases on the 20th.

Music. Just That. Music.

Because who doesn’t love music? And who doesn’t love the Return to Monkey Island soundtrack (terrorists aside)? It only makes sense, then, that we’ve added both the suite-mixes and the complete score to the MP3 section, courtesy of BillyCheers.

More music: The three LucasArts composers of yore—Land, McConnell, and Bajakian—have sat down with the onaroadtrip YouTube channel, to talk about... Well, I haven’t watched it yet, but presumably music.

And there you have it. We might do some more updates around these parts as the twenty-plus-year codebase is slowly disintegrating. So, stay tuned. (Or don’t; we’re all about choices.)

The SCUMM Bar Hits The Sosh

After a messy break-up with Twitter and a short flirtation with Threads, The SCUMM Bar has found itself a new sweetheart: Mastodon. And this one should stick, as we have circa 2,000 posts queued up.

Every day, another scene from the Monkey Island games will be posted to the feed which, frankly, should make your day just a little bit brighter. And we might just have some other things up our sleeve; who knows?!

We’re on the Idle Thumbs instance as @scummbar—you probably should just follow us.
Yep, it’s happening, and we only have to wait until July 27th. It’s not too surprising, of course, seeing we found iOS debug settings in the Switch version of ReMI. Pre-order from Apple and/or Google for $10.

Also, if you’re on Threads, you probably should follow Mojo. (Technically we’re there, too, as @thescummbar, but... well, you know.)

And that’s it for now from The SCUMM Bar: A shell of its former self since we moved over to Mojo.
Look, I don’t know what there is to say about this Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island (SeMI) expansion thing. To be positive: It’s great that Monkey Island has reached milking status over at Disney. And good ol' Legend of Monkey Island has finally gotten a proper shout-out. And... I don’t know. We’ll cover it over at Mojo where the excitement meter has reached a solid 2 out of 10. So, more to come.
Oh, hey, it came and went, that Return to Monkey Island game. Find the minisite we maintained right here to relive those glorious pre-release months.

The ol' Bar won’t see many updates, of course, but we are in the middle... well, at the beginning... of creating some fun Monkey Island stuff over at Mojo. In the meantime, here are some things to tide you over:

I wrote an ReMI retrospective where you can find some opinions and trivia. Fun for the family!

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Give our ReMI trivia clone a go—it’s basically 2003 all over again.

Still playing LeChuck's Revenge with a code wheel? That is the appropriate way to play the much-maligned Amiga version, and we have developed a code grid so you don’t have to mess with those ridiculous virtual code wheels out there. We’re all about customer service around these parts! For most, though, DREAMM or ScummVM are the ways to go.

Some have noticed our Twitter account was deleted. And so it will stay—we both preceded and outlived the social media wave, like the cockroach we are.

That’s about it for now—more to come someday.