You know what sucks? Having your server hacked and all your data deleted. You know what sucks even more? The data recovery place not being able to recover your data. Welcome back to the Monkey Island SCUMM Bar after yet another one of our biennial downtimes! In an astonishing turn of events, we have managed to recover a large amount of our data from personal back-ups and expect to recover even more in the coming weeks. A recap of what is currently missing:

  • Fan art - A lot of our art is dead and gone, though some stuff was backed up. We'll add what we have over the coming days. Do you have past or present fan art you'd like to upload? Use the brand spanking new web interface to upload your art instantaneously! Be aware that the art will have to go through an approval process before being made public though.
  • User DB - Last backup is from February, so if you signed up after that, you'll need to do it again. Sorry!
  • Polls - Anything after February is gone. But we're sure you'll survive without them.
  • News - Ok, this is the real 'ouch'; anything posted after February is gone. A lot of it was about various site updates though, and the actual updates should be safely backed up.

You'll might notice some small stuff missing here and there, but expect that to be back asap. And to make everything that much better, we've even added some new content for you:

There's probably more too, but, uh... Guess I should have compiled a list as I went along. So, enjoy, and make sure to check out World of MI which also opened this week.

(Did you really read all this? Add a "rutabaga" to your comment if you did.)