Limited Run! Updates! Why not?!

Much like The Legend of Monkey Island, we have the COVID funk here, so let’s write an update. Hell, we might even make some more additions here and there to the site, because we feel MILegend threw the gauntlet down with its new design. Oh, yes, The Legend of Monkey Island is back! After the timely* demise of World of Monkey Island, the balance has been restored, and two of the old-school Monkey Island sites are as active as… well, not active at all.

So what else do we got? Limited Run will release an anthology box with the first four Monkey Island games this fall. How about that? More over on Twitter.

Tales of Monkey Island is back on Steam and GOG, in case you’re in need of another copy.

A prototype of a voice-over LeChuck's Revenge exists…

What else? That is it for now. Follow us on Twitter for more**.

* Hands up if you remember petty site rivalries!

** There will be no more.