It’s The Annual SCUMM Bar Update!

Oh, hey, it came and went, that Return to Monkey Island game. Find the minisite we maintained right here to relive those glorious pre-release months.

The ol' Bar won’t see many updates, of course, but we are in the middle... well, at the beginning... of creating some fun Monkey Island stuff over at Mojo. In the meantime, here are some things to tide you over:

I wrote an ReMI retrospective where you can find some opinions and trivia. Fun for the family!

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Give our ReMI trivia clone a go—it’s basically 2003 all over again.

Still playing LeChuck's Revenge with a code wheel? That is the appropriate way to play the much-maligned Amiga version, and we have developed a code grid so you don’t have to mess with those ridiculous virtual code wheels out there. We’re all about customer service around these parts! For most, though, DREAMM or ScummVM are the ways to go.

Some have noticed our Twitter account was deleted. And so it will stay—we both preceded and outlived the social media wave, like the cockroach we are.

That’s about it for now—more to come someday.