Content to Swim In

The problem with adding content marathon-style is that we forget what’s new and what’s not. Because, good grief, it’s starting to accumulate. So, consider the following a selection of what may or may not be new since our last update:

The Secret of Monkey Island: Misc Funsies; Magazine Clippings; new Trivia.

LeChuck’s Revenge: Magazine Clippings; new Trivia.

The Curse of Monkey Island: Updated Cutscenes; Misc Funsies; Magazine Clipping.

Escape from Monkey Island: Updated Cutscenes; Misc Funsies; Trailers.

Tales of Monkey Island: Trivia; Trailer.

Return to Monkey Island: Misc Funsies.

There’s more, but hell if I can remember what. Just go browse—it’ll make you a better person.

Missing Parents sign in MI2 and in Disneyland