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Salty Humor, Exotic Locales and Ghost Pirates Galore Highlight

Latest Chapter of Award-Winning High-Sea Adventure

Meaner and more cunning than ever, the nefarious demon-pirate LeChuck returns from the dead to once again torment Guybrush Threepwood in LucasArts Entertainment Company's highly anticipated graphic adventure sequel, The Curse of Monkey Island, set for release on Windows 95 in fall 1997.

The Curse of Monkey Island is the rollicking third installment of the popular Monkey Island game series, which includes the award-winning Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. Curse finds Guybrush taking up dull blade and rapier wit against LeChuck to save Elaine Marley, his one true love, from being made into the evil pirate's demon bride.

"LucasArts has built a considerable reputation for developing outstanding graphic adventure games," says Tom Byron, product marketing manager for LucasArts. " The Curse of Monkey Island continues that great tradition by combining LucasArts' unique brand of humor with a compelling story and memorable characters. Besides, how can you not like a game that includes funny pirates, vegetarian cannibals and a guy named Snugglecakes!"

Fans familiar with the side-splitting humor and outrageous characters that highlighted the first two Monkey Island games will find more of the same in The Curse of Monkey Island. As the game begins, the evil and wily buccaneer LeChuck is attempting to woo Elaine into becoming his undead bride. But, hoping to marry Elaine himself, Guybrush unknowingly slips onto her finger a cursed ring that turns her into a gold statue. He must find a way to remove the curse from Elaine, all the while battling innumerable scurvy-ridden villains and grog-guzzling pirates in an attempt to ultimately thwart LeChuck from carrying out his sinister plans.

"The previous Monkey Island games provided an incredibly fertile platform, especially from a visual standpoint," says Jonathan Ackley, who along with co-project leader Larry Ahern, developed Curse. " The Curse of Monkey Island will include all of the elements that made the series great but with a highly stylized, hi-resolution look that could not have been accomplished before."

The Curse of Monkey Island, like all graphic adventures from LucasArts, challenges players to become integrally involved in the story by finding various objects and solving a variety of puzzles in order to finish the game. Through an intuitive interface players can pick up and use objects, examine each item collected in their inventory and talk to various characters throughout the game.