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Escape from Monkey Island Walkthrough

This walkthrough was written in 2000—our apologies for any and all funky layout issues.

  1. Act I
    1. Pirate Ship
    2. Mêlée Island
    3. Stop The Catapult
    4. Find A Crew
    5. Lucre Island
    6. Finding proof from Pegnose in the bank
    7. Capturing Pegnose
    8. Finding The Loot
  2. Act II
    1. Mêlée Island
    2. Ultimate Insult Map
    3. Jambalaya Island
    4. Pirate Transmogrification Academy
    5. Jambalaya Town
    6. Silver Monkey Head.
    7. Golden Statue.
    8. Bronze Hat
  3. Act III
    1. Monkey Island.
    2. The Milk Bottle.
    3. The Accordion
    4. Gubernatorial Symbol
    5. Monkey Kombat
    6. Monkey Robot
  4. Act III+
    1. Mêlée Island
    2. Ultimate Monkey Kombat
  5. The Insults


Act I

Pirate Ship

1. Use brazier of hot coals then pick one up. Use with loaded cannon.

Mêlée Island

Stop The Catapult

1. Go to The Scumm Bar

2. Walk to the back of the bar. Look at the balloon by the drunken pirate.

3. Walk to the front of the bar and talk to dart players. Talk to them about the holes in the wall around the dartboard. Bet them that they can’t hit the balloon. They’ll throw a dart and pop the balloon.

4. Walk back to drunk, and pick up pretzels.

5. Leave the SCUMM bar and go to map. (try to press "O" to do it quickly) Go to harbor. Talk to the Harbor Mistress, about getting a ship. Pick up inner tube by the grog machine.

7. Go back to the Governor’s Mansion. Use the inner tube on the cactus just in front of the mansion.

8. Give the pretzels to the catapult operator. Tinker with the catapult controls when he leaves to eat them

9. Follow Elaine in to the mansion after the cut scene.

Find A Crew

1. Find the Cushiony Government Job Contract on the china cabinet and give it to Elaine. Talk to Elaine about the problems getting a ship. She will give you the Gubernatorial Symbol.

2. Return to Mêlée Town and talk to the two familiar looking pirates. Find out who they are and ask them to be your crew again. Offer them cushy government jobs and give them the signed cushy government contract.

3. Go back to the SCUMM Bar and talk to the Ignatius Cheese. You need to beat him in insult arm-wrestling for him to join your crew. (insults at end of document)

4. Go back to the harbor and give the Gubernatorial Symbol to the Harbor Mistress. She gives you a ship.

Lucre Island

Finding proof from Pegnose in the bank

1. Find the Law Office of W.T.D and enter.

2. Talk to lawyers. Get Marley’s will and read it. Go to the bank.

3. Talk to Brittany the Bank Teller. Tell her you want to get the chest.

4. Pick up the old sword and the medium sea sponge from the table. Pick up the large sea sponge from the floor behind the table. Look in the vault where the chest was stored. Take the music box and the bottle of grog. Pick up the handkerchief from the floor. Pick up the small sea sponge that is under the handkerchief.

5. Use the old sword on the bottom hinge of the door. Use the broken sword with the crack. Use all three sea sponges on the crack. Use the bottle of fine grog with the sponge-filled crack. Guybrush will be arrested

6.Pick up the tin of chicken grease. Talk to Canard. Find out about Pegnose Pete. You now must catch the real perpetrator, recover the loot, and come up with evidence.

7. Go to the bank. Talk to manager.

8. Go to the side of the bank and look at the manhole. Use broken sword with manhole. Look at the manhole cover. Write down the names that are written on it.

9. Go to Palace of Prostheses. Talk to owner. Tell him you’re looking for some free gifts. Use the names from the manhole cover to fill in Dave’s story and get the Prosthetic Skin.

10. Use the music box with Dave. Quickly wooden prosthetic hand from the first basket on the left.

11. Return to the manhole. Use the Prosthetic Skin with the manhole. Use the skin to jump through the open window into the bank.

12. Go down the ladder and use the pull-chain.

13. Go to the desk in the lower left corner and pick up the ScupperWare.

14. Climb up the ladder, walk around the balcony and look at the strange shadow. You’ve found the nose.

Capturing Pegnose

15. Exit through the window and go to the House of Sticks.

16. Pick up the wood shavings. Talk to Freddie about Pegnose and the duck.

17 Leave the House of Sticks and go to the perfume stand. Pick up the Eau de LeChuck and an empty spritzer bottle. Use the wood shavings with it.

18. Walk to the Bait Shoppe. Pick up the duck outside it.

19. Enter Bait Shoppe. Use homemade perfume with free bait. Pick up free bait. Combine the free bait with the ScupperWare.

20. Use the wooden prosthetic hand with the termite circus.

21. Leave town.

22. Go to the Mystes O’Tyme. Use the homemade perfume with the puddle. Leave swamp.

23. Go west to the mansion. Pick the flower and use it with the homemade perfume.

24. Enter mansion and talk to Ozzie. Spray the stuffed platypus by Ozzie with homemade cologn.

25. Return to town, walk to House of Sticks and use the termite-infested prosthetic hand with Ozzie’s cane.

26. Go to Palace of Prostheses. Spray him with the homemade perfume. Note name he tells you. (it’s Random)

27. You will have to twiddle the file retrieval system on the right to find the directions to Pegnose. Each dial has five faces with a picture on each face. Each face stands for a group of letters.






Spin the dials so the three faces on top show the letter groups in which the three initials of the name Guybrush was given are contained. Then you must press the red button right of the dials to retrieve the file. I.e., if you’re looking for "Sean P. Clark" you would use Monkey, Monkey, Bunny.

28. On the card you receive there will be two columns of times and directions. (i.e. "12:50 W") totaling eight entries. Note these down on a piece of paper to save time later.

29. Go to pirates playing chess.

30. Talk to the portly pirate chess player. Start the conversation, then use number 5 then number 4. If he’s distracted enough, the pirate will let go of his chess piece and his partner will force him to use it as a move. You may have to this a few times

31. Do the same with the skinny pirate, always using a Brittany comment. Repeat until he drops the piece, and they start fighting. Pick up clock.

32. Leave town and go to the marsh, use the raft, then use the clock.

34. Match time with directions you found on the file you got from Deadeye Dave. Navigate the raft that direction. Repeat until you get to a gate where there’s another Guybrush.

34. Move to the gate and Guybrush will give you a key. Ask him who he is. Note down the answer he gives. Note the two items he gives you. Choose "Open gate" then talk to him. Write down the number he gives you then unlock the gate with the skeleton key that you have in your inventory. Note down the item he gives you.

35. Follow instructions until you come to the gate again. Give Guybrush the key, answer his question with the answer he gave you earlier. Now give him the first two objects he gave you in the order they were given. He asks you for a number. Answer with the number he gave you earlier. Continue following the directions. You’ll find Pegnose’s house.

36. Walk to the house listen on a conversation between Pegnose and Ozzie.

37. Use the chicken grease on the doormat. Use duck on the window and Pegnose is captured.

Finding The Loot

1. Take the trail to Ozzie’s mansion and go inside.

2. Acuse him of hiring Pegnose. Tell him what Pegnose’s showcase looks like. (any answer will do)

3. Follow Ozzie when he leaves. The sawdust should show you the way.

4. Find the hidden passage to enter the showroom. (upper left corner of the screen)

5. Use the red button to see the loot and the Marley heirlooms.

6. Go back up and dive into the deep water.

7. Use the ScupperWare with the fish.

8. Go west through the secret entrance pick up the heirlooms and treasure. A tiny brass screw falls from the chest. Pick it up

9. Return to Hall of Justice.

10. Show the brass screw to Inspector Canard, and voila! You’re free.

Act II

Mêlée Island

Ultimate Insult Map

1. Talk to Elaine about the Ultimate Insult. You should go to the voodoo lady.

2. Go to the International House of Mojo. (URL: BWAHAHAHAHa... ha... ha... Ahem...)

3. Pull the large finger. The Voodoo Lady will appear.

4. Ask her everything about the Ultimate Insult then about the Marley heirlooms. Then ask what Guybrush is supposed to do with the wedding presents.

5. Go to the map screen and over to Meathook’s House of Wax.

6. Talk to Meathook. Ask about the candles then exit the conversation. Take a paintbrush from the bucket. Leave.

7. Walk to the harbor. Look at the coin return slot of the grog machine. Take the quarter and use it in the machine. Now use the machine until you have the option to yell at it. Yell, then grab can of grog.

8. Return to Mêlée Town and enter the Lua Bar. Talk to the customers then return to the lower level and sit at an empty stool.

9. Talk to the waitress then order something that’s cooked. You’ll get the flaming scuttlefish. Get the paintbrush out of inventory. When the flaming boat is just in front of the painting, jam the paintbrush in the sushi boat propulsion mechanism. When the cook comes out, run into the kitchen and use the can of grog on the steam generator. If you’ve stopped the boat in the correct position the picture will melt and a map will be revealed. If this didn’t happen, try againe. (the paintbrush is near the stool)

10. Look at the picture in inventory.

11. Goo back to the docks and walk to the Dainty Lady. Use the earrings, necklace, pen, and painting on the figurehead. You will head off to Jambalaya Island.

Jambalaya Island

Pirate Transmogrification Academy

1.Use the community rowboat next to your ship and start rowing to Knuttin Atoll. You’ll meet Admiral Casaba. Talk to him, and leave. Land at the pirate town south.

2. Go to Pirate Transmogrification Academy. Talk to the teacher and get enrolled.

3. When the final exam arrives give the most piratey answers available and fail course. You’ll get the dunce cap.

4. Outside, use the fire alarm on the right side of the building. When Miss Rivers leaves, run inside and get the whistle from the toy chest before she returns.

5. Go to the puppet theater and talk to puppeteer. Keep going through the dialog until you can talk to the Guybrush puppet, then to the puppeteer.

6. End the conversation with the puppeteer and use the blue painting on him. Pick up both the puppets.

7. Go back to Jambalaya Island.

Jambalaya Town

1. Walk into town.

2. Go to Starbucaneer’s. Go inside, turn to Guybrush’s left and get the empty cup from the plants, by the window.

3. Look into tourist lady’s bag. Take the StarBuccaneer’s mug.

4. Use the empty groggoccino cup on the clerk to get a free refill.

5. Look at the mini-bagels with Schmear Whiz on them. Take one. Eat it. The rest will go into your inventory.

6. Leave town to Stan’s Time Share.

7. Get a pamphlet from the desk.

8. Take the jar of glue from under the window of the house.

9. Drink the cup of groggoccino, then talk to Stan. Ask about real estate until you get to listen to his loooong pitch. You’ll get a Planet Threepwood coupon.

10. Go back to town, to the statue of Tiny LaFeet. Find out all you can about Tiny LaFeet from the tourist. Notice the hat’s been taken from the statue. Talk to tourist about it.

Silver Monkey Head

1. Go to the micro-groggery and talk to the bartender. Get a mug of Grog Jr. Use glue mechaical manatee, and ride it to win another coupon.

2. Enter Planet Threepwood. Go to the rear and talk to the waitress. Order some food and when she asks how you’ll pay, choose the Mega Monkey Meal Ticket.

3. While you’re sitting with your free Monkey Mug, ask Jolly Pirate about free Pirate Caricature. Answer whatever you like to the questions. Combine the caricature with the glue then the caricature with the StarBuccaneer’s Logo Mug to make a fake Monkey Mug. Use the fake Monkey Mug with the Monkey Mug.

Golden Statue

1. Leave town and go to tall rock.

2. Talk to the diver, and ask about competition. End conversation. Go to the judges and get certified.

3. Go back to Marco, and use the juicy wad of chewed up bagel chunks with the baby seal oil. Talk to Marco about competing again. After Marco’s dive, go up to the cliff and dive. Marco wins.

4. Talk to the grouchy judge and ask him why he is giving you such low scores. After he says he’s paid to make sure Marco wins, look at the pamphlet you got from Stan’s timeshares. Use the pamphlet on the grouchy judge.

5. Ask the hippie judge what was wrong with the last dive. He will tell you to mimic Marco’s move and also how to execute each move. Challenge Marco again.

8. Watch what combination Marco does and match it. Put on the dunce cap to satisfy the middle judge. Mimic the moves and tie Marco.

9. In the tiebreaker, just put on the cap, and do whatever moves you’d like.

Bronze Hat

1. Return to the dock and use the community rowboat. Head for Knuttin again.

2. Walk east along the beach. Talk to the pirate with two parrots. Ask about the parrots and find out one always lies, one always tells the truth. Tell him if he’s related to Tiny LaFeet. Ask more about his father, and if he really was friendly. Ask what happened to Tiny’s statue.

3. Walk east into the boulder field. Use the whistle to get the aprrots. Use the wimpy grog with one of the parrot. Ask it a question, and you’ll find out if it’s the truth telling parrot or the one that lies.

4. Ask truth telling parrot "Which way should I go to find Tiny’s hat?". Follow the directions, use whistle, ask question with truth telling parrot again until you find the right rock.

5. Use the two puppets in the screen with the right rock. Admiral Casaba will shoot at you and you’ll have the hat.


Monkey Island

The Milk Bottle

1. Walk to the left to enter the Monkey Island map.

2. Go north-east to find Herman Toothrot.

3. Pick up the coconut and talk to Herman. Go through the dialog then throw the coconut at him. This restores part of his memory. Ask again what’s the first thing he remembers.

4. Exit and walk further north-east to the canyon. You’ll find a cactus on the right. Get the banana picker that’s leaning against it.

5. Return to the map and head north-west to the lava fields. Watch the milk bottle being thrown away by a monkey.

6. Exit back to the map. Just left of the lava field is a castle. Enter it.

7. Enter the cathedral. Turn around and face the door until you see "Look at shields." Use the banana picker with them.

8. Walk over the bridge and talk to Father Allegro Rasputin. Go through the dialog and keep asking about the lava until you can ask to try the lava plunge. Ask until he lets you try it.

9. In the boat, get the banana picker out and steer the boat with the arrow keys. You need to get to the island with the banana picker. When you pass it, use the banana picker with the bottle.

10. Exit the lava puzzle by going under the bridge at the left side of the screen.

11. Go back to Herman and hit him with the milk bottle and talk to him about his memories.

The Accordion

1. Go the hill on the west side of the island. On the top you see three canals. Go to the pile of rocks and pick one up. Throw the rock at the canal on the right side of the cliff and watch for the root that moves. At the same time as it moves, throw a rock in the middle. When it reaches a root throw one in the left canal. When that one reaches a root throw another one in the left canal.

2. Go back to the cathedral and ask to do the lava ride again. This time steer the boat into the little lava pool.

3. Climb up to the left and kick the palm tree. Walk east over the bridge.

4. Head to Monkey Town. Talk to JoJo Jr., the monkey sitting on the barrel. Learn about Monkey Kombat. End conversation.

5. Walk left to the hut. The monkey sitting in the has an accordion. Get the shields from inventory and use shields. Pick up the accordian when the monkey drops it.

Gubernatorial Symbol

1. Return to Herman. Hit him with the accordion. Learn the story about grandpa Marley. After that, talk to him again, and get the Gubernatorial Symbol.

Monkey Kombat

1. THE THEORY: Walk back to monkey town, and challenge the guarding monkey to Monkey Kombat. You make insults by combining three out of four monkey sounds:





Every insult will transform one stance to another. (NOTE - Insult combos change with every game!) The stances are:

Anxious Ape

Bobbing Baboon

Charging Chimp

Drunken Monkey

Gimpy Gibbon

Example: The insult "Ack-Eek-Oop" when in Gimby Gibbon could change stance to Drunken Monkey. Every stance will beat a certain other stance. You will need to learn which stance beats which and how to change from one stance to another by writing down the insults into a chart.

2. HOW IT REALLY WORKS (nabbed from various web pages):

* Each opponent has a health bar made up of banana symbols. Lower your opponent’s health to zero and you win. The present stance is also listed near each opponent.

* In the lower right hand corner of the screen, under Guybrush, is a compass-like symbol representing the arrow keys on the keyboard. The four directions are labeled Ack, Oop, Eek, Chee, the four monkey insults. An insult is said by pressing the arrow key corresponding to the insult. For example, pressing the up arrow will force Guybrush to say, "Ack." Press the left arrow key and he will say, "Chee." Pressing three keys in succession will string together three insults and Guybrush will change his stance to match the insult string. You will then see the results of the stance change, win or loose.

* Turns are alternating, usually with the monkey going first. During the monkey’s turn the insult compass will be turned off. It will be on when it’s Guybrush’s turn. So, a match may go like this: The stance the monkey is using is listed above his head. He says three insults which change his stance to counter that of Guybrush. The monkey’s stance changes and you see what stance he changed to plus whether or not it defeats Guybrush’s stance. The insult compass is activated for Guybrush’s turn. Notice the stances of the opponents. If the monkey is assuming the Drunken Monkey stance and Guybrush is holding the Gimpy Gibbon stance, you must utter the three curses that moves Guybrush from the Gimpy Gibbon stance to one that will defeat the Drunken Monkey stance. Tap out the three insults with the arrow keys and you will see the results.

* Once in awhile a foul will be declared. Other than being for an invalid combination of curses, I’ve never been able to figure out the exact reasons. A few times I’ve used curses that worked previously only to have them declared foul. It’s not game stopping, but it does sometimes tip the balance to your opponent. You’ll just have to work through it.

* Before you’re ready to challenge JoJo for his hat, you should practice with other monkeys. You can find these monkeys on the map of Monkey Island near the intersection of the east-west trail with the trail that leads to Monkey Town. Walk up to the monkeys on the map and the scene will change to a clearing. Talk to the monkey and Kombat is automatically started.

* You should make two charts. The first should show what other two stances a single stance beats, like DM defeats AA and GG, CC beats BB and DM. Do this for all five stances and you’ll have a listing of what each stance will beat.

* The second chart should be of the insults and what stance they change to and from. For instance you might list: CC to DM = AOC, which means that to move from the Charging Chimp stance to the Drunken Monkey stance, use the insults Ack, Oop, Chee. So, if during Kombat Guybrush is in the Charging Chimp stance and his opponent is in the Drunken Monkey stance, you would look in the first chart to find out what stances defeat Drunken Monkey. Then you would look in the chart of curses to see what curses are used to move from the Charging Chimp stance to whatever stance defeats the Drunken Monkey.

* That’s really it. Challenge the monkeys and write down the results of various moves. It’s a good idea to enable the option that displays text as well as voice. Some of the monkey sounds are difficult to understand. As things progress fairly rapidly, liberal use of the space bar (pause key) can be helpful. When you think you have enough moves mapped to defeat JoJo go challenge him.

Monkey Robot

1. After you defeat JoJo and get the hat, return to map, and walk back to beach. Use the banana picker on the bananas until they’re all gone. Give one to Timmy and he’ll follow you.

2. Walk to canyon and enter the mine. Go all the way to the end of the tracks to the big metal door.

3. Open vent and use banana with it. Close vent then use a banana with portal. Timmy will open the door. Enter.

4. Use the banana picket with weed whipper.

5. Leave the mine and go to the pool of lava. Use the weed whipper on the weeds.

6. Walk to big monkey head.

7. Use the bronze hat with the monkey head and the banana picker with the monkey nose. Go through the mouth and into the control room.

8. Go to the left center of the central console and use Gubernatorial Symbol "prominent slot"

Act III+

Mêlée Island

Ultimate Monkey Kombat

1. Pick up the big plank off the ground and use it with the smallest tower.

2. Climb the tower then jump on plank.

3. When you get to the top of the tallest tower use the excessively large switch.

4. In the final Monkey Kombat, you must use the moves you learned earlier. Tie LeChuck three times to win game.

The Insults
Insult Comeback
Today, by myself, twelve people I’ve beaten. From the size of your gut, I’d guess they were eaten.
I’ve got muscles in places you’ve never even heard of. It’s too bad none of them are in your arms.
Give up now, or I’ll crush you like a grape I would if it would stop your WINE-ing.
My ninety-eight-year-old grandmother has bigger arms than you. Yeah, but we’ve both got better bladder control than you.
I’m going to put your arm in a sling. Why, are you studying to be a Nurse?
My stupefying strength will shatter your ulna into a million pieces. I’m surprised you can count that high.
Hey, look over there! Yeah, yeah, I know: It’s a Three-Headed monkey.
Your knuckles I’ll grind to a splintery paste. I thought the bean dip had a strange taste.
Your arms are no bigger than fleas that I’ve met. So that’s why you’re scratching. I’d go see a vet.
People consider my fists lethal weapons. Sadly, your breath should be equally reckoned.
Only once have I met such a coward. He must have taught you every thing you know.
You’re the ugliest creature I’ve seen in my life. I’m shocked that you never have gazed at your wife.
My forearms have been mistaken for tree trunks. An over-the-counter defoliant could help with that problem.
I’ve out-wrestled Octopi with these arms. I’m sure that spineless creatures everywhere are humbled by your might.
Do I see quivers of agony dance on your lip? It’s laugher that’s caused by your feathery grip.