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I'd Rather Be A Pirate On Scabb... as performed by Bart & Fink
Well, I'd rather be a pirate on Scabb...
Than a scab on a pirate.
And if you'll listen to me gab,
I'll tell you why I admire it.

Oh, the people aren't too friendly,
And the weather's not the best.
The lodging's too expensive,
And Largo's quite a pest.

But the thing I like about Scabb
Is what is HASN'T got:
No mayor or police force
And no jail in which to rot

No Title as performed by Bart & Fink
Oh, I wish I could par-lay some French.
With Governor Marley.
I'd say to her "Voo-Lay-Voo?"
[Guybrush breaks in]

100 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall as performed by Bart & Fink
Oh, 100 bottles of beer on the wall!
100 bottles of beer!
You can take one down,
pass it around...
99 bottles of beer on the wall!

Dem Bones aka The Bone Song as performed by Guybrush's parents' remains
The head bone's connected to the... rib bone
The rib bone's connected to the... arm bone
The arm bone's connected to the... head bone

(repeat three times with various body parts)

Marco Largo LeGrande's Grave
Marco Largo LeGrande,
Hell on sea or land.
The good news is he's dead.
The bad news is that he's bred.

Carrie's Grave
There once was a girl named Carrie
Who thought that she should soon marry.
She went into town,
And flirted around,
She didn't get wed, she got burried.

Jean's Grave
No man commanded Jean.
Not on land, and not on water.
Jean did whatever he did please,
Until he kissed the gunner's daughter.

Jim Mcdow's Grave
Here lies dare devil Jim McDow.
Hand of metal, leg of wood...
Jim took every risk he could.
A life of danger - that was Jim's...
Too bad he ran out of limbs.