A clarification on the origin of Guybrush

I will quote our recently updated FAQ:

In the late nineties, we claimed in this very FAQ that Guybrush was named after the generically labeled Deluxe Paint character-graphics file guy.brush. Guy because the main character was a guy, and the extension indicating it was a brush file.

In a scathing indictment of our reporting, Ron Gilbert posted a long retort about the real name of the file, and thus the origins of Guybrush’s name. A quote:

During the early days of Monkey Island I didn’t have a name for Guybrush. We just called him the "guy".

When Steve Purcell was doing concepts for "the guy" he was doing them in dpaint. In dpaint you could select a section of the screen called a "brush" and save it out.

It was these files I got from Steve. I saw the file names so many times that the name "guybrush" stuck.

We maintain the crux of our FAQ was correct, but apologize for the mistakes made with regards to the file extensions. And make sure you read the full secret behind Guybrush’s name.

(Incidentally, Tim Schafer wanted to name the character Hank Plank. Source: Tim’s tweets.)

Hopefully, that will put an end to guy-dot-brush-gate.