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    In the scene where Guybrush and Wally are hanging over the pit of acid.
    LeChuck: "Any more questions?"
    Guybrush: "Where do babies come from?" - Suggested by Elmo

    Guybrush: "It's a great day for spitting!" - Suggested by Stuart Sampson (Notorous Pirate)

    Guybrush (to LeChuck): Leg or no leg, I trust you about as far as I can throw Manhattan. - Suggested by Michael Bach

    Wally: I'm a cartographer.

    Guybrush: You do open heart surgery? In here? - Suggested by Daniel Robertson

    From the tomb in Monkey Island 2
    'Aaaaarrghh!' - Suggested by PezZ of Team Hamster

    Guybrush: I'm on a whole new adventure.
    Pirate: Growing a mustache?
    Guybrush: No, Bigger than That
    Pirate: A beard?!? - Suggested by Evan

    Fink (while sitting round the campfire with Bart and Guybrush):
    "I'd rather be a pirate on Scabb,
    than a scab on a pirate,
    And if you'll listen to me gab,
    I'll tell you why I admire it.
    Oh, the people aren't too friendly
    And the weather's not the best,
    The lodging's too expensive,
    and Largo was quite a pest.
    But the thing I like about Scabb
    Is what it hasn't got.
    No mayor or police force
    And no jail in which to rot." - Suggested by Lorraine Dallmeier

    From when Guybrush reads the tombstones in the cemetary:
    "Marco Largo LaGrande,
    Hell on sea or on land
    The Good news: He's dead
    The Bad news: He's bred" - Suggested by Lorraine Dallmeier
    Guybrush: "Why do men have nipples?" - Suggested by Andrew Raistrick

    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood? - Suggested by Thomas Kristian Roesen

    A whole bucket of mud, and it's mine, all mine! - Suggested by Carl Brasic

    (When Guybrush is hanging over the acid pit)

    Guybrush: Where do babies come from?
    Lechuck: In your case the orphanage - Suggested by Tiago Cruz is ^{Locke}^

    When hanging over the pit of acid on monkey island 2
    Guybrush: will you scratch my nose?
    Wally: sure if you kiss my a** - Suggested by Mark O'Connor

    Famous Pirate Quotations
    "Violets are blue
    Roses are red
    we're coming aboard
    so prepare to eat lead." - Suggested by Dave Welte (Captain Dread)

    Guybrush (on the fishing dock):
    Where'd you get that other pipe? - Suggested by Patrick

    From Wallys place when Guybrush looks at his bed.
    "Reminds me of a dollhouse I once had... I mean my SISTER once had." - Suggested by Randy Burkett II

    Stan in Monkey 2:
    "Thank god this is the deluxe model" - Suggested by elberon
    In Both Monkey Island games,
    "You look like a flooring inspector to me," - Suggested by elberon

    In Monkey Island 2:
    MEN OF LOW MORAL FIBER: "No, it sounds like necrophobia... it`s more like..."
    GUYBRUSH: "Sounds like a crock of monkey snot to me."
    MEN OF LOW MORAL FIBER: "No, it's the opposite of acrophobia..."
    GUYBRUSH: "Sounds more like WORKAPHOBIA to me." - Suggested by Troels Pleimert

    Referring to LeChuck:
    Wally: What do you think he'll do to me?
    Guybrush: An ottoman springs to mind - Suggested by Jason Threepwood [also Remi's current favorite]

    Largo, after putting Lechuck's beard in his pants.
    Man, it IS alive! - Suggested by T.J. Jennings

    Guybrush and the man behind the alley door in Monkey2
    The big guy behind the door: If this is five, and this is two, what's this?
    Guybrush: Your hand? - Suggested by Nick Tortorelli
    Guybrush Threepwood: "Hello, I'm selling these fine pink dresses." - Suggested by Dan J. Vice

    Guybrush & Wally hanging over the acid pit in Lechuck's lair.
    Guybrush: I love you man.
    Wally: Let's keep our heads shall we. - Suggested by Joe

    Guybrush and the man behind the alley door in Monkey2.
    The big guy behind the door: If this is five, and this is two, what's this?
    Guybrush: Your hand? - Suggested by Nick Tortorelli

    Herman Toothrot in Monkey 2
    "If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, what color is the tree?"
    The correct answer is: "all colors" - Suggested by Vanessa

    Spitting contest man
    It's a great day for spitting!!! - Suggested by Nathan Sanfilippo

    Guybrush is Both Games.
    I can hold my breath for ten minutes! - Suggested by Remi Olsen
    Largo: Whoa! Yer' loaded!!!!! - Suggested by Rapp Scallion

    Once dragged out of the tunnels at the end of Monkey Island 2.
    Guybrush: Oooooh the Mean Whirling Buccaneer! - Suggested by Mark o'connor

    Guybrush & the Woodsmith
    Guybrush: Oh, shutup.
    Woodsmith: Hey, you started it. - Suggested by Joe

    Guybrush to Lechuck
    A dolly? The surprise is a dolly? - Suggested by Joe

    Lechuck and Guybrush
    LeChuck: We are bound to one another.
    Guybrush: Like dreadlocks?
    LeChuck: Yes, rather like that. But more like...brothers!
    Guybrush: Eh? - Suggested by Joe

    Guybrush and the Librarian in Monkey2

    Librarian: "What's your name?"
    Guybrush: "Guybrush Threepwood."
    Librarian: "Guybrush, is that french?"
    Guybrush: "Actually it's fiction." - Suggested by Phil Crawford

    Guybrush looking on the chest standing on the floor in Elaines room:
    It's very impolite staring in womans chest. - Suggested by Szymon Bronkowski

    The lady on the call box in Monkey 2
    Guybrush: i'm lost in the Inky Island Jungle in Monkey 2
    Lady: Just walk off the edge of the screen - Suggested by Kira Butler
    Mad Marty: Can I change the numbers on your food stamps?!?! - Suggested by Kira Butler

    Guybrush(from mainmast on ship): What I wouldn't give for a water-balloon right now. - Suggested by Mark Miller

    Guybrush in Monkey 2 when you click on PULL,and then click on the skeleton in the prison.
    "No thanks, he's not my type." - Suggested by Arron@UK

    Guybrush in Monkey 2:
    I'll be BACK! - Suggested by Sheldon Peters

    In the starting part of Monkey Island 2 LeChuck's Revenge, where Guybrush is hanging helplessly in the pit. When Elaine climbs down to investigate she finds Guybrush and they have a little conversation...
    Elaine Marley: Well, well, well.
    Elaine Marley: Guybrush Threepwood.
    Elaine Marley: You do turn up in the strangest places.
    Guybrush Threepwood: Err...
    Guybrush Threepwood: Hi, Elaine.
    Guybrush Threepwood: Do you think you could help me out?
    Elaine Marley: How did you get into this mess?
    Guybrush Threepwood: It's kind of a long story.
    Elaine Marley: That's OK, I've got time.
    Guybrush Threepwood lets out a sigh.
    Guybrush Threepwood: Well, it all started on Scabb Island.
    Guybrush Threepwood: Some of my admiring fans had pressured me into telling my LeChuck evaporating story once again... - Suggested by Zhin

    Tombstone Quote from Monkey2
    "Kiss me, I've got scurvey!" - Suggested by Noah Berry
    Guybrush and the Lookout

    On a Dead Pirates Tomb in Monkey 2
    Kiss me, I've got scurvy - Suggested by Jenni Stern

    Password Man: What dyou want, kid?
    Guybrush: Havce you ever heard the legend of the mighty Guybrush?
    Guybrush: Well...dont you want to hear it again? - Suggested by Govenor Phatt

    Guybrush and Herman Toothrot on Dinky Island
    Herman: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, what color is the tree?
    Guybrush (after around 80 other answers): All colors?
    Herman: Exactly. Now, what has this experience taught you?
    Guybrush: That philosophy isn't woth my time.
    Herman: I'm very impressed. It takes most people years to reach this point. - Suggested by Infidel

    Largo and Guybrush on the bridge outside Woodtick
    Largo: HA! Scream all you want, there are no police on Scabb Island.
    Guybrush: Then who eats all the doughnuts and roughs up the transients? - Suggested by Jake Rodkin

    Guybrush in Monkey 2:
    I came all this way to see you.... at least get me a beer! - Suggested by Captain Loogie

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