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A Comparison

PC: 256 color graphics and MIDI music.

Special Edition: Widescreen, hi-res graphics, voices, re-recorded soundtrack, commentary track, better animation, some re-worded dialogue. Intro credits and scene with Elaine after the credits missing. Available for PC, iOS, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Amiga: 32 color graphics, with certain objects left out from the PC version (though an odd one was added, like the fish in the woodsmith's shop which is not in the PC version). Better music quality than the PC version. A lot of the tracks were left out though.

Mac: 256 color pseudo-anti-aliased graphics, and better music quality than the PC version.

FM-TOWNS: Identical to PC version, but with a brown-ish interface and credit font. Slightly higher quality sound effects. MT-32 music.