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    Cast And Crew
    Project LeaderRon Gilbert
    DesignRon Gilbert
    ProgrammingBret Barrett, Tami Borowick, Ron Gilbert, Dave Grossman, Tim Schafer
    Interpreter / Development SystemRon Gilbert, Vince Lee, Brad Taylor, Aric Wilmunder
    Graphics / ArtworkLarry Ahern, Peter Chan, James Dollar, Ken Macklin, Mike McLaughin, Collette Michaud, Steve Purcell, Sean Turner
    MusicClint Bajakian, Robin Goldstein, Michael Land, Peter McConnell, Anthony White
    ProducerShelley Day
    PlaytestingJim Current, Justin Graham, James Purple Hampton, Chip Hinnenberg, Kristina Jontag, Eli Mark, Jon Van
    Created and Designed byRon Gilbert
    Background Art byPeter Chan, James Dollar, Steve Purcell, Sean Turner
    Animation byLarry Ahern, Peter Chan, Ken Macklin, Mike McLaughin, Collette Michaud, Steve Purcell, Sean Turner
    Arrangements byRobin Goldstein, J. Anthony White
    Additional Testing byJo Ashburn, Khris Brown, Wayne Cline, Erin Collier, James Hanley, Howard Harrison, Kirk Lesser, Bret Mogilefsky, Gwen Musengwa, Tabitha Tosti, David Wessman
    iMUSE Music System byMichael Land, Peter McConnell
    Additional ArtAvril Harrison, Collette Michaud, Aaron Muzalski, Gary Winnick
    Lettering ArtistChristine Benson Miller
    ProofreadingJo Ashburn, Andrea Siegel
    Fun and Excitement SupervisorAlexa Eurich
    Gum ChewingMichele Harrell
    Lucasfilm Games General ManagerDoug Glen
    Lucasfilm Games Director of DevelopmentKelly Flock
    Lucasfilm Games Associate Director of DevelopmentLucy Bradshaw
    Product Marketing ManagerRobin Parker
    Public RelationsSue Seserman
    Lucasfilm Games Director of SalesCynthia Wuthmann
    Product SupportKhris Brown, Erin Collier, Livia Mackin, Gwen Newton Musengwa
    International CoordinatorLisa Star
    Goofy Pun ConsultantNoah Falstein
    Environmental SpecialistPaul Thermidor
    Administrative SupportAnnemarie Barrett, Wendy Bertram, Meredith Cahill, Alexa Eurich, Claudia Hardin, Michele Harrell, Brenna Krupa Holden, Marcia Keasler, Debbie Ratto, Lisa Star, Kim Thomas, James Wood, Dawn Yamada
    WranglingLucy Bradshaw
    Inspiration and AdmirationPaul Hill
    "Works like crazy!"Hal Barwood
    "So, what's for dinner?"Jenny Sward
    Sam and Max appear courtesy bySteve Purcell
    IntroducingKhris Brown (as Chester)

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