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The Barbary Coast is an actual place in San Francisco (close to LEC's HQ in San Rafael). The Barbery Coast in CMI was most likely named after it. View Screenshot

Largo LaGrande was of course the wig wearing villain in MI2. View Screenshot

The SCUMM Bar, together with the help of Isamu Dyson, have spotted 8 monkey faces in this picture! View Screenshot

Want to see this creepy spider last seen in The Dig? Enter and exit Stan's Crypt 35 times, and get ready for it. View Screenshot

Want some lightsabre sounds while swordfighting? Download this save and you'll have it, or just press shift+j during swordfighting. View Screenshot

Type "lapostal" a few times to get this super cheat, previously seen in Jedi Knight. View Screenshot

Lines taken straight from Star Wars. View Screenshot

Reference to the look-out in MI1. View Screenshot

T-47, from Star Wars Ep. 5. View Screenshot

Remember how they didn't serve droids in Star Wars Ep. 4? View Screenshot

Bob was of course LeChuck's first mate (or something like that) in MI1. He had a tendency to lose his head, which explains why Guybrush feels like calling Murray for 'Bob'. View Screenshot

The lense in The Dig required a lot of adjusting which is what Guybrush refers to here. View Screenshot

Famous line from Yoda in Star Wars Ep. 5. View Screenshot

Wally quotes Purple Tentacle from Day of the Tentacle. View Screenshot

The line is from MI2. Note that Wally is not a dummy here. View Screenshot

All the people in Loom were turned into swans. View Screenshot

Note how this picture changes everytime you enter the room. View Screenshot

This line is from Star Wars Ep. 4. It refers to a Stormtrooper. View Screenshot

Obi-Wan pulls this mindtrick in Star Wars Ep. 4. View Screenshot

SCUMM is the scripting language CMI and the two first MI games were developed in. View Screenshot

This line is a reference to Indiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis. View Screenshot

Our favorite rabbit from Sam & Max. View Screenshot

LucasArts were famous for making adventure games where you couldn't die. Hence the in-joke. View Screenshot

'Hidden' LucasArts logos. View Screenshot

It's Manny from Grim Fandango. View Screenshot

Star Wars line. View Screenshot

Yep, it's the famous Star Wars line. View Screenshot

Line from Indiana Jones. View Screenshot

Reference to Dominique, Guybrush's alleged barber in MI1. View Screenshot

Reference to 'Holy cripes on toast' from Sam & Max. View Screenshot

Reference to The Dig, where one of the crew got his arm stuck. View Screenshot

Reference to C3P0's line in Star Wars Ep. 4. View Screenshot

Bobbin Threadbare was of course the hero in the LEC adventure, Loom. View Screenshot

Taken from the carnival in Sam & Max Hit The Road. View Screenshot

Another take on LeChuck's line from MI1. View Screenshot

Barbery Coast was originally supposed to be on Blood Island. This piece of concept art shows what it could have looked like. View Screenshot

Try to "use" the water by the Blood Island beach about 25 times, to get to this familiar location. View Screenshot

When talking to Lemonhead about his paradigm, you get an option called "Pair of dimes?". Try moving the mouse over that and you'll get a bunch of different answers from Lemonhead. View Screenshot

When you play poker with the smugglers, and they ask if you know how to play, you can say "No way! I'm terrible at poker." Talk to them again and ask them if they have any toys to buy. They will give you a little Lechuck zombie toy that walks with a limp like LeChuck does in MI2. You can also have him say things like "I'll keelhaul your mother!" View Screenshot

Remember the stumpjoke from MI1? It returns in a reverse form in CMI, just try to use the crack in the Goodsoup crypt and see what happens. View Screenshot

The recipe book that you find in the hotel has the ingredients to all the drinks you can order in MI2 from the bartender. View Screenshot

If you take a gander at the informative plaque before picking up the torn in the quicksand, you'll learn that "papapishu!" is the native word for "youch!". Guybrush will use "papishu" instead of "youch" for the rest of the game if you look at the plaque. If not, he'll stick with "youch". View Screenshot

This secret door by the field of honor in Puerto Pollo can take you to some interesting places. View Screenshot

This secret door by the field of honor in Puerto Pollo can take you to some interesting places. View Screenshot

A gag about two chickens sun-bathing at Puerto Pollo beach had to be thrown out because of interactivity problems. View Screenshot

During the last parts of CMI, Elaine was supposed to get loose and fight a bunch of skeletons. This part was sadly cut out. View Screenshot

LeChuck's ship was called the Death Starfish in CMI, however the fact was never actually mentioned in the game. View Screenshot