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 Escape from Monkey Island

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    Turn thumbnails off. 17 trivia entries for this game. Each entry may contain multiple trivia tidbits.

    Wow! Randy sucks! Randy Breen, VP of development perhaps? View Screenshot

    An amusing error message encountered around the lava stream [sent in by NoMan]. View Screenshot

    A skull in the moon. No really, you can actually see this one. View Screenshot

    If you kinda turn your head to the right, squint your eyes, and re-edit the image you might see a monkey head in the moon. Or so Gabez claims. View Screenshot

    The 1138 could have something to do with the Lucas movie, THX 1138. View Screenshot

    Anakin Skywalker and Ozzie... Easy to get mixed up. View Screenshot

    Doesn't that logo look familiar? View Screenshot

    Damn, LucasArts is all over the place. View Screenshot

    Guybrush must have been watching Pinky & The Brain, where this is a catch phrase... or something... I've never watched it myself. View Screenshot

    The 1138 could have something to do with the Lucas movie, THX 1138. View Screenshot

    Isn't this that spaceship in that swamp in that movie? View Screenshot

    Names of various LEC developers as well as classic characters. View Screenshot

    LucreArts? Doesn't that sound familiar? View Screenshot

    Hey, still one game to go then! View Screenshot

    Ron is, of course, Ron Gilbert who is the creator of the series. Humongous was a company he started after leaving LucasArts. View Screenshot

    Screech (or Dustin Diamond as his real name is) is a Monkey Island fan! In an
    interview, Wally Wingert (voice of Herman Toothrot)
    revealed that his good friend from Saved By The Bell has been a fan since the series started. View Screenshot

    The pink pirate ship seems to be a reference to the Blake Edwards/Cary Grant/Tony Curtis movie, "Operation Petticoat", where they sail a pink submarine. View Screenshot

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