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The Secret of Monkey Island
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge
The Curse of Monkey Island
Escape from Monkey Island
Tales of Monkey Island
Return to Monkey Island
Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island
Download All (53.92 MB)
Opening Themes - IntroductionDownload 2.42 MB
Chapter ScreenDownload 160.42 KB
The Scumm BarDownload 2.11 MB
LeChuck's ThemeDownload 1.40 MB
Following The Shop KeeperDownload 1.87 MB
Ghost Ship ShuffleDownload 1.87 MB
Melee IslandDownload 1.92 MB
The Voodoo ShopDownload 1.81 MB
Guybrush and ElaineDownload 1.04 MB
Melee ForestDownload 1.88 MB
Stan's Previously Used ShipsDownload 2.36 MB
The Fettucini BrothersDownload 2.11 MB
The JourneyDownload 2.27 MB
Monkey IslandDownload 2.38 MB
The Cannibal VillageDownload 2.04 MB
LeChuck's Theme (Alternate)Download 1.87 MB
Organ PreludeDownload 1.75 MB
Closing ThemesDownload 3.37 MB
Cue 1Download 250.23 KB
Cue 2Download 243.70 KB
Monkey Island Beach (Ambient)Download 2.25 MB
Monkey Island Jungle (Ambient)Download 2.36 MB
Monkey Island Night (Ambient)Download 2.11 MB
Monkey Island - RemixDownload 1.87 MB
Monkey Island - Rock RemixDownload 4.68 MB
Monkey Island - Rock Remix 2Download 6.27 MB
PC Special Edition
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The Gold GuyDownload 455.13 KB
IntroductionsDownload 3.07 MB
The LookoutDownload 2.26 MB
Chapter ScreenDownload 396.13 KB
The SCUMM BarDownload 5.71 MB
LeChuck's ThemeDownload 8.06 MB
Following the ShopkeeperDownload 3.90 MB
Melee IslandDownload 4.06 MB
The Fettucini BrothersDownload 4.53 MB
Guybrush & ElaineDownload 2.11 MB
The Voodoo ShopDownload 4.00 MB
Kidnapping the GovernorDownload 489.13 KB
Stan's Previously Owned VesselsDownload 7.92 MB
Melee ForestDownload 3.92 MB
Meanwhile...Download 600.63 KB
The JourneyDownload 4.22 MB
Monkey IslandDownload 3.48 MB
Ghost Ship ShuffleDownload 4.86 MB
The Cannibal VillageDownload 6.79 MB
Organ PreludeDownload 3.35 MB
Closing ThemesDownload 6.70 MB
Cue 2 (Bonus Track)Download 559.13 KB
Amiga ❤️
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Addressing the crew Download 1.41 MB
Fettuccini brothers Download 993.76 KB
Forrest loop Download 881.70 KB
Ghost ship Download 562.12 KB
Indiana Threepwood Download 61.06 KB
LeChuck Download 656.62 KB
Look-out Download 490.36 KB
Love theme Download 1.28 MB
Main theme Download 2.01 MB
Melee Island Download 1.38 MB
Monkey Island Download 1.08 MB
New part Download 216.01 KB
SCUMM Bar Download 427.37 KB
Stalking the shop-keeper Download 922.92 KB
THE MACHINE! Download 104.07 KB
Talking to Elaine Download 847.70 KB
The church Download 1.06 MB
Voodoo recipes Download 572.52 KB
MIDI PackDownload 223.14 KB