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The Secret of Monkey Island
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge
The Curse of Monkey Island
Escape from Monkey Island
Tales of Monkey Island
Return to Monkey Island
Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island
Download All (243.16 MB) / On YouTube
Big WhoopDownload 11.38 MB
The Scumm BarDownload 5.01 MB
Mêlée IslandDownload 54.73 MB
Voodoo ShopDownload 8.83 MB
LeShipDownload 37.92 MB
Monkey IslandDownload 25.54 MB
Scurvy IslandDownload 16.12 MB
Terror IslandDownload 13.45 MB
Terror CaveDownload 14.05 MB
Brrr MudaDownload 23.58 MB
Opening the SafeDownload 9.65 MB
Walk and TalkDownload 6.31 MB
The CatacombsDownload 19.52 MB
Complete Score (Unmixed)
Download All (525.16 MB) / On YouTube
Guybrushs ScrapbookDownload 4.76 MB
Underground Tunnels ReenactmentDownload 1.94 MB
Big Whoop Main SquareDownload 2.89 MB
Big Whoop Scurvydogs ShackDownload 2.89 MB
Big Whoop OuthouseDownload 2.89 MB
Big Whoop ParkDownload 2.90 MB
Big Whoop Scurvydog FightingDownload 2.98 MB
Story TimeDownload 2.25 MB
Main ThemeDownload 4.76 MB
Revisiting the Look-outDownload 3.53 MB
Part CueDownload 1.16 MB
The Scumm Bar Main RoomDownload 3.70 MB
The Scumm Bar New Pirate LeadersDownload 2.31 MB
Mêlée Island At the DocksDownload 5.70 MB
Mêlée Island Main StreetDownload 5.67 MB
Mêlée Island The Old Pirate LeadersDownload 5.73 MB
Mêlée Island Wallys Maps-n-MoreDownload 5.64 MB
Mêlée Island JailDownload 5.69 MB
Mêlée Island Stan in JailDownload 5.69 MB
Mêlée Island Locke SmithDownload 5.71 MB
Mêlée Island At the Govenors MansionDownload 5.67 MB
Mêlée Island Fight Talk with CarlaDownload 5.68 MB
Mêlée Island Map OverviewDownload 5.69 MB
Mêlée Island The Museum of Pirate LoreDownload 5.81 MB
The Voodoo Shop Main RoomDownload 4.99 MB
The Voodoo Shop CorinaDownload 4.84 MB
Mêlée ForestDownload 7.80 MB
Lament for the Mop TreeDownload 2.81 MB
Meanwhile… The New Pirate LeadersDownload 2.97 MB
LeShip at the DocksDownload 5.72 MB
The Journey BeginsDownload 1.64 MB
LeShip Top DeckDownload 7.07 MB
LeShip Lower DeckDownload 7.07 MB
LeShip Crows NestDownload 7.06 MB
LeShip MurrayDownload 7.42 MB
LeShip Under the RudderDownload 7.06 MB
LeShip LeChucks CabinDownload 7.08 MB
LeShip Looking through the SpyglassDownload 7.08 MB
LeShip Spying on Madisons ShipDownload 3.05 MB
The Soup Spilled, Part 1Download 1.99 MB
The Soup Spilled, Part 2Download 1.52 MB
The Soup Spilled, Part 3Download 1.70 MB
The Soup Spilled, Part 4Download 2.80 MB
Launching the Skull, Part 1Download 1.10 MB
Launching the Skull, Part 2Download 1.65 MB
Guybrush UnmaskedDownload 1.45 MB
SwordfightDownload 2.96 MB
Meanwhile…Download 960.44 KB
Monkey Island BeachDownload 4.93 MB
Monkey Island Monkey HeadDownload 4.94 MB
Monkey Island Map OverviewDownload 4.93 MB
Monkey Island ViewpointDownload 4.92 MB
Monkey Island JungleDownload 4.92 MB
Monkey Island Unknown AreaDownload 4.99 MB
The Seckrit TrapDownload 4.33 MB
TeamworkDownload 1.67 MB
LeAnchorDownload 3.21 MB
Spell of GulletDownload 3.36 MB
Skull SongDownload 1.04 MB
Map RevealDownload 3.94 MB
No TeamworkDownload 3.07 MB
Guybrush DownDownload 3.41 MB
New HopeDownload 7.30 MB
Arriving at Mêlée IslandDownload 1.11 MB
Cease FireDownload 3.77 MB
Safe ProblemsDownload 2.71 MB
Fish ShopDownload 5.81 MB
Sea MapDownload 2.59 MB
Scurvy ShipDownload 3.09 MB
Scurvy Island At the BeachDownload 4.88 MB
Scurvy Island Map OverviewDownload 4.76 MB
Scurvy Island At the Lime GrovesDownload 4.61 MB
Scurvy Island ElaineDownload 4.41 MB
Barebones IslandDownload 5.47 MB
Meanwhile LeChuckDownload 4.42 MB
Terror Island MainDownload 4.00 MB
Terror Island Rocky BeachDownload 4.00 MB
Terror Island DecayDownload 3.95 MB
Terror Island Pirate CampDownload 4.04 MB
Terror Cave Twisting PathDownload 4.59 MB
Terror Cave XYZZYDownload 989.03 KB
Terror Cave Cave of ScreamsDownload 3.43 MB
Terror Cave UnderwaterDownload 4.14 MB
Terror Cave Pit of AgonyDownload 3.50 MB
Terror Cave Key StruggleDownload 1.52 MB
Meanwhile… ElaineDownload 2.93 MB
ShipwreckDownload 4.11 MB
Meanwhile The New Pirate Leaders and LeChuckDownload 2.33 MB
Customs ShipDownload 3.07 MB
Brrr Muda Main StreetDownload 3.00 MB
Brrr Muda CourthouseDownload 3.08 MB
Brrr Muda At the QuarryDownload 3.06 MB
Brrr Muda Up to the CastleDownload 1.91 MB
Brrr Muda ThroneroomDownload 4.10 MB
Brrr Muda Town HallDownload 3.98 MB
Brrr Muda Room of HeartinessDownload 3.53 MB
Brrr Muda Room of IntelligenceDownload 3.53 MB
Brrr Muda Room of SeriousnessDownload 3.70 MB
Opening the SafeDownload 5.99 MB
Enter LeChuckDownload 4.48 MB
Walk and Talk Through the JungleDownload 5.06 MB
Walk and Talk Before the Monkey HeadDownload 2.24 MB
The Catacombs EntranceDownload 4.47 MB
The Catacombs CookroomDownload 4.00 MB
The Catacombs Middle RingDownload 4.51 MB
The Catacombs Lower RingDownload 4.81 MB
The Catacombs AltarDownload 5.04 MB
Oh no, not yetDownload 6.72 MB
The Original SecretDownload 8.49 MB
Ill Meet You Down ThereDownload 1.75 MB
End Credits Main ThemeDownload 3.77 MB
End Credits Monkey IslandDownload 4.22 MB
End Credits LeShipDownload 8.88 MB
End Credits Brrr MudaDownload 5.96 MB
End Credits Mêlée IslandDownload 5.82 MB
End Credits Scurvy IslandDownload 2.11 MB
End Credits Herman ToothrotDownload 3.39 MB
End Credits Big WhoopDownload 4.33 MB
End Credits UnderwaterDownload 3.02 MB
End Credits Beneath the Monkey HeadDownload 2.88 MB
Menu Music (Extended)Download 28.59 MB
LeChucks Theme (Announcement Trailer)Download 1.63 MB
Gameplay TrailerDownload 3.19 MB
Monkey Island Main Theme (from Sea of Thieves)Download 7.81 MB